Getting in Shape Again!

Getting in Shape Again!

Are you a bit of a non starter in the exercise arena?

Getting in shape again appeals to you because you want
to speed up metabolism lose weight, improve posture and look and feel good.

But you don’t know how to get motivated.

Stilletos or Zimmerframe?

That’s what motivates us! I’m 64and I still want to wear my beautiful shoes in ten years time. Can you imagine a lovely outfit and flat shoes…

I know getting in shape means exercising to improve posture, to strengthen bones and tone muscles. What I don’t want is to sweat in the gym alongside beautiful twenty somethings who are working on their already cute butts.

I am going to devote these pages to fun ways to
lose weight, tone up and feel good. Anti aging in action!

1st Rebounding!

My best find ever is my trampoline.
When I heard that rebounding burns 3 x more calories than jogging, I was sold without even seeing one! In the meantime I know that besides weightloss rebounding offers a host of
major health benefits
Promoting a healthy heart, efficient lymphatic system, strong muscles and much more.

The advantages of rebounding over other types of exercise are endless. First I do it at home to my favourite music and only need about 15 minutes per day. It’s gentle on the knees and ankles and I can integrate my upper body by using my arms as if I am boxing or dancing. Mini trampoline exercise is also a great way of getting in shape if you are exercise lazy, have joint problems or are very overweight. A closer look at trampolines, DVDs and books about rebounding. Definitely the best anti aging exercise and It’s also been voted the best exercise for speeding up metabolism ever!

Get an Exercise ball!

A close favorite second way of getting in shape is definitely my fitness ball. If you find lying flat on your back to do crunches on a mat hurts your back then you need a fitness ball.
As you lie on the ball it supports your back snugly exactly at the right spot, no pressure points. You can concentrate on doing the crunches correctly and build repetitions without discomfort.
I think it’s the only comfortable way to do abdominal exercises. But that is not all you can do on a fitness ball. There are a multitude of great exercises for toning all parts of the body and there’s a big plus. Almost every exercise you do on a fitness ball engages your all important core muscles in order to balance.

Check out this short video. A fitness-ball workout for beginners to get an idea of how easy it is to make a start.

Personal Trainer Included!

DVDs are great to get you motivated
at home. If you choose one that is at the right pace it can inspire you to get started and keep coming back.
There are introduction DVDs to dance, salsercise, aerobic fitness, yoga, pilates, weight lifting not to mention running, walking and jogging Find an
exercise DVD to suit you with sound advice, great motivation, good music and let it rock! Laughing and letting go is the finest anti aging treatment!

Or How about Bootcamp ?
Ugh you say!

Well if you would like to take exercise more seriously but just don’t know where to start or how to do it right, then boot camp could be a great idea.
You can lose a dress size in a week and build confidence you never dreamed of.

Professional trainers take you through the ropes of getting in shape by teaching you the very best moves to combat stomach fat, bingo wings and wobbly bits and improve your cardiac fitness. Whilst staying aware of your age and current fitness level they will encourage you to challenge your limits. You go home with a “keep it up” plan, some sound nutritional advice a great new shape and some friends into the bargain.

No Time?

Check out these 4 short Exercise Video Pages:

Arm Exercises for Women Who Don’t have Time!

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Standing Abdominal Exercises for Women Who Hate Crunches!

Easy Abdominal Exercises: Flab to Flat!

Make A Splash!

In Summer something that is really fun is water aerobics. Again music makes all the difference and sharing some fun time with your friends while getting in shape is good too. Water makes exercise much easier. Only afterwards do you realise what a great workout you had and laughed a lot too.
Swimming of course is rated one of the
best ways of getting in shape and toned. Especially kind to joints whilst toning all the muscles.

Walking Women Live Longer!

If you want to increase your fitness, improve your health and reduce stress get out walking. Everyone can do it, it’s one of the first things we learn.
Get yourself a pedometer and take it easy or rack up the miles. just enjoy the countryside, clear your head and burn calories.
Be aware it becomes addictive!

What about Salsa classes or Tap dancing! At this time of life it is totally rejuvenating to try something new. We are no longer under pressure from our ego to be the best.
We can just enjoy dipping our toes in the water! More ideas anyone?

Please also visit
Tips on Jogging for Comprehensive Tips to Enhance and Improve your Jogging Experience.

Whatever you choose don’t do it in your long shorts and a big T shirt. Be fair to yourself and treat yourself to some nice kit that looks like you’re doing a workout.
You’ll feel different right away and not be tempted to “just do the veggies first.”

Wearing training clothes will make the improvements in your body show immediately and thats
a sure fire way of making you work harder to reach your final goal of getting back into shape.

For the trampoline you don’t need shoes but for anything else please buy some good training shoes. Fashion or leisure shoes, look like training shoes but offer no support.
Don’t risk an injury. You don’t want to sit around for a month sipping tea and eating biscuits until a sprain heals do you?

Look fabulous and enjoy getting in shape!

We get what we focus on. So make sure you focus like a laser on what you want, your goal. Allow the things you don’t want to melt away without another word!

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