Definition of Wellness and Anti Aging

The Definition of Wellness
and Anti Aging

What is wellness and how do we achieve it?

The definition of wellness for mature women is a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit which results in an overall feeling of wellbeing.

The scientific definition of wellness is being free from disease but as a mature woman I feel it is much more than that.

Wellness is being aware of what makes us feel good. It’s an ongoing process of choices and adjustments to overcome those things that make us feel less than well.


Health niggles, moods, lack of sleep, being overweight, unfit, worry, stress and lack of confidence are just a few of those things.

Your 1st Choice

Are you willing to allow yourself some time to find out what it is that gets you down and do something about it? Is your weight causing mood swings or is it the mood swings that cause the weight? This website is full of information and experience from other women in the same situation. So take some time and become aware of which areas in your life could be improved with a little time and know how.

How well do you sleep?

Putting up with lack of sleep can have an adverse effect on your weight, mood, energy levels and eventually on your health. Before you pop a pill try getting some gentle exercise or look into some natural sleep remedies. If it’s noise that keeps you awake maybe an audio sleep aid could help. I used one for some time after my mastectomy 18yrs ago. It helped to guide my thoughts away from my problem and let me sleep.

Lack lustre feeling?

Slightly headachy, moody feelings are something we fight against
because we are programmed to think it’s trivial. We owe it to ourselves to get to the root of the problem before it becomes worse. The effect of some foods on our mood is often underestimated and a few small changes can make a world of difference. Sugar and fat are just two of the things that can cause us to feel below par on a regular basis. Remove one and watch your mood and energy return like magic. Many older women find that the beloved glasses of wine in the evening now have unpleasant side effects. If your sleep patterns are altered or you experience other mood changes it may be worth changing the evening ritual.

A healthy diet with loads of anti aging foods is one of the best tools for wellness I know. You’ll find some healthy eating guidelines in the anti aging diet section. There are lots of other simple and effective ways to elevate your mood and keep it there. The definition of wellness is finding the right one for you.

Exercise to energise!

Feeling lethargic or a little stiff? Just step out into the fresh air for a short walk. It is a fact that women who walk stay younger longer. Walking for wellness brings uncountable benefits to your weight, health and self esteem. You will find lots of tips for making this a fat burning exercise if you need to lose weight more quickly. I use
a pedometer to count my steps in the morning and again later in the day to make sure I reach my target of 10.000 steps a day.

Coping with Stress

The definition of wellness is balance and nothing tips the balance like stress. None of us can completely escape stress these days, it seems to be all around us.

Truth is we are often anxious or stressed about something that hasn’t happened yet (likely won’t happen) or for someone else. We worry about our children and our grand children. What works for me is to think about them as younger, stronger and perfectly able to cope with whatever their problem is… we did, didn’t we?
There are lots of tools for wellness that address stress. Exercise of any kind, yoga, pilates, dancing, any hobby, music, aromatherapy, massage or my favorite, practising the “law of attraction.”

The Hicks books teach us that we get what we focus on. So it makes sense to think about a solution rather than worry the problem worse. I recommend “Ask and it is Given” and “Money and the law of Attraction” to anyone who wants to learn to use their thoughts to manifest a solution rather than drive themselves crazy!

Sense of Wellbeing

When toxins from our diets and environment accumulate in our bodies, they can manifest in a number of ways. From dry skin and brittle hair to disrupted metabolism, energy levels and digestion – toxins can age us physically and mentally. Choosing all natural cleansing and detoxification products (like herbal fiber supplements) is a great anti-aging tool to jumpstart healing from the inside out.


Be more aware of your body and it’s symptoms. What are they telling you? Are you tired or just tired of the situation? Do you need to change your eating patterns now the teens are out of the nest? Do you need to reduce your workload and just say “no”?
Treat yourself to a massage, theatre tickets or some new walking gear… The definition of wellness is balance, that means getting back some of the good you put in. Choosing Happiness You deserve it!

Anti Aging means taking care of you now!

Make sure you look and feel as good as you can!

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