Vegetable Juicing Recipe for Staying Young and slim

Why Choose
A Vegetable Juicing Recipe?

A vegetable juicing recipe is a multi talent!

We know that vegetable juicing is the best and easist way to get a whopping dose of vitamins, minerals and enzymes on a daily basis.

But what exactly are the benefits of juicing and what can you expect to achieve besides feeling great?

A vegetable juicing recipe can:

  • aid weightloss
  • improve digestion
  • cleanse and detox your body and
  • maintain a healthy alkaline level

Reduce your calorie intake by replacing a meal a day with a delicious vegetable juice. Vegetables contain less sugar than fruits and are full of water. This helps us stay hydrated (good for body and skin) and staves off hunger.

Try drinking a small vegetable juice before dinner to curb your appetite. Or find out more about juicing diets and how you can use them for healthy weight reduction.
It works like magic!

Better still choose a vegetable juicing recipe with negative calorie veggies. These are celery, cucumber, cabbage, spinach and some other dark leaves. They use more energy(calories) to digest than they contain.

Why Cleanse and Detox?

Is juicing healthy ? YES and here’s why. Many things today contribute to making our bodies toxic. Poor food, stress and chemicals all play a part. A toxic system is no longer able to absorb and utilise the nutrients optimally.

Symptoms of a toxic system are bloating, aches and pains, sluggishness, weightgain and insomnia to name just a few
but more importantly the immune system is weakened.
Many of these symptoms and other common ailments can be treated and often cured with the right juicing recipes

Vegetable juices are rich in the whole spectrum of antioxidants. They help to cleanse and detoxify the body and aid digestion.

Vegetables are full of fibre which helps to expel cholesterol and other toxins. The water they contain helps to keep the body hydrated which is essential for the good funtioning of the system.

pH level?

Veggies are more alkaline than fruits and help to maintain the healthy alkaline level of the body. They have the ability to bind acids and eliminate them.

2 Optional Wonders!

Two fruits that you can add to a vegetable juicing recipe to enhance the taste and add a couple more amazing benefits are the avocado and/or lime.

The wonderful avocado comes with all the B Vitamins (the immune systems police) + omega-6 fatty acids to lower cholesterol, thin the blood and soothe imflammation. Turn your vegetable juice into a delicious creamy cocktail in the blender with just half an avocado.

The lime can put Zing in your juice and help stimulate the immune system. High levels of vitamin C, powerful anti viral properties and fibre make the lime an invaluable ingredient.

Some of the best healthy juicing recipes include lime, avocado and banana, take a look!

Take one basic vegetable juicing recipe and experiment with it until you find your favorite taste.
There are no rules just a delicious drink to…


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