Speeding Up Metabolism and Avoiding Weight Gain after 60

Speeding Up Metabolism
& Avoiding Weight Gain after 60!

Looking for ways of speeding up metabolism?

If you are over 60, eating a healthy diet but getting thicker around your middle.. here’s all you need to know!

METABOLISM is the amount of energy or calories the body needs to maintain all vital functions whatever we are doing. The number of calories we need depends on how much we weigh and how active we are.


  • As we get older our metabolism slows down.
    Chiefly because muscle declines and fat takes it’s place.
    This is one of the reasons why we notice it getting more difficult to maintain an attractive healthy weight as we get older. As the fat on our body increases so the metabolic rate slows down. Fat uses less calories to maintain itself than lean muscle. So we diet or…
  • Constantly dieting or skipping meals slows metabolism even more.It seems the more we diet the fatter we become. The difference in our weight to 10 years ago may not be much but the difference in the way we look is enormous. This is because we are carrying more fat than before, that looks less toned and unshapely and continues to slow metabolism over time.

The good news is Speeding up the metabolism is possible at any age but how? The safest and most healthy way of boosting metabolism is exercise!

  • Women who exercise have more muscle and a higher metabolism.
  • Women who don’t exercise have a lower metabolism

But before you rush off to run a marathon lets talk about a healthy approach to speeding up metabolism. One that we can sustain as a lifestyle to rid us of the weight problem forever!

If you have never exercised or are very overweight consult your doctor first.

You are going to need to do two types of exercise, aerobic and resistance exercise.

  • Aerobic exercise is anything that gets you slightly out of breath like walking jogging, rebounding or dancing.
  • Resistance exercise is lifting weights, using weight machines or resistance bands.


Both of these exercises will build muscle, (which burns more calories) burn off fat and improve cardio fitness all speeding up metabolism and stabilizing your weight!

Begin slowly and build up your fitness programme. Any aerobic exercise for 30 minutes 3 times per week is fine to begin, plus 2 x 20 minute workouts with weights.
Find a workout that you enjoy. A DVD or TV programme is good if the pace is right and you like the trainer and how he/she leads the way. This has to be fun or you won’t stay with it!

If you find most forms of exercise a chore and have given up already on most things you might want to try Zumba Dance!
If you like music and dance this could be a sure fire way of speeding up your metabolism and learning to enjoy exercise.

A healthy diet full of anti aging foods lean protein, chicken and fish plus essential oils from nuts, seeds, olive oil and avocado. Plenty of high fiber carbs like fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grains. Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated and your skin clear and free of those pesky lines and wrinkles!

You now have everything you need to lose that extra weight and get back in shape and maintain the weight you feel comfortable at for the rest of your life. Join me on Facebook and tell me how you get on!

* A malfunctioning thyroid can play havoc with metabolism. If you suspect an over or under active thyroid go to your doctor and get it checked. This can usually be brought into line again with medication. *

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