Update Your Hair Style For A Younger Look!

Update Your Hair Style
For A Younger Look!

Do you need to update your hair style?

We are all aware that our skin can age, but it’s also a condition that can affect our hair as well. Have you ever said to yourself, My hair just doesn’t seem to look like it used to?

Well, that is because over time, our bodies decide that our hair is not as high on the hierarchy to receive certain nutrients to keep it the same as it was in our youth.

But don’t fret! There are many ways we can address times’ ravages on our skin, we can also take the task to our hair as well.

  1. Healthy hair!

    If it’s good for your body, it’s good for your hair! Vitamins, nutrition, and healthy activities contribute to healthy hair growth. Stress, medications, improper sleep habits, and ill-health will deplete the resources needed for healthy looking hair and can also add to thinning. There are many vitamins on the market that claim to address “growing your hair.” Truth is, many of these expensive products do not have more to offer than your favorite brands from the pharmacy. Vitamins A, D, B-Complex, Biotin, and a fistful of other nutritional goodies can all be found in a normal daily vitamin supplement. In my research I have found that a proper diet with dark greens and protein will give you what you need to allow your hair to reach its potential. Taking a daily multi-vitamin seals the deal to healthy hair growth!

  2. Shiny Hair is Healthy Hair!

    As we age our hair dulls due to a shift in keratin production which is also why our nails can become more brittle and our skin may feel drier. This condition can also be exacerbated by the chemicals used to achieve the beautiful hair colors we once grew for free. There is no easier way to update your hair style than restoring youthful gloss. As conditioners are a problem for some due to their weight potential on the hair, there are many breakthroughs in glossers and in-salon treatments to give shine without the residual “wilting” from deep conditioners. They come in many shades to enhance your color or in clear for those who wish to simply enhance their natural beauty.

  3. Add dimension to your hair color!

    Natural color has many different threads harmoniously coming together to give the appearance of a solid shade. So when opting to cover grey or enhancing Mother Nature a touch, adding a few highlights (or lowlights) will make your color more youthful and update your hair style. When selecting your base color (the one used to cover grey or richen your natural shade), also add a few brighter highlights around your face and in the crown to give a healthy glow. I also recommend even adding a couple of complimentary toned highlights to even further add depth and dimension to your color selection. Two is better than one!

  4. Update your hair style occasionally!

  5. Your personal style is a balance of function and fashion and should be tailored to bring out your best features. Your stylist should take into consideration your hair fabric (yes, it is a fabric), the density, your face shape and head shape, and also your skill set and product regimen. Just because you have permed , cropped, teased, or relied on your favorite hair spray for some time does not mean you cannot update your look. Today’s products do wonders for style longevity and can totally enhance the appearance of even the most stubborn hair. Soft textured lines and actually leaving some length give those with ten thumbs the ability to make their hair look salon fresh! Ask your stylist from time to time for new suggestions (no one is making you act upon them–yet!) Nothing keeps you looking and feeling young like a fresh, new style!

  6. Keep your products current!

    Your hair care products make the most of your style and maintain the life of your salon color. Certain products are not as compatible with some services and can actually dull and dry hair quicker making it look tired.
    To keep your colors’ luster, your hair rich, shiny, and moisturized, as well as behaving for you when you go to style it, make sure you are using the proper hair care products. These will also treat your hair fabric with the TLC it needs to be able to look its best.

  7. To update your hair style use a playful combination of illusion, style, and common sense. Treat your hair with the respect it deserves. Ocassional updates, ongoing attention, and these tips will keep your hair..

    looking its absolute best!

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