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Monthly Video Horoscope

Welcome to your monthly video horoscope

Barbara Goldsmith M.B.A., CeFA, CeMAP, Cergi, is a well known astrologer who has been practicing for over 30 years. One of her main astrological skills lies in teaching and she commands a wealth of experience in all levels from beginners to advanced students.
She is highly sought after for her personal astrology readings and has many followers. She works in the United Staes as well as Europe and has appeared on BBC TV in England talking about astrological counselling and it’s benefits.

The world of astrology is fascinating and can help you understand your personal connection to the universe.
Astrological wisdom can be used as a guide to help you navigate any phase of your life.

How to use the insights..

Choose your Zodiac Sign below and click through to that page and you will find a profile of character traits that define women of your sign. You will recognize yourself and be able to play more on your strengths and work on the lesser virtues! Use the profiles on other pages to learn more about and understand your friends, partner or children. Which famous persons share your sign and profile?

There is an in depth 5 -6 minute video horoscope by Barbara Goldsmith dedicated to guiding you through the month ahead.
Which trends will be inflencing your life. Where to push forward with your ideas and where to use more caution!

Where is change emerging? During which times are you likely to achieve the most success, make a right descision or just take time out!

Often these words will resonate and you will know instinctivly that the step you were considering is right!

Below each video you will find best colors, gems, most suitable partner and much more for your enjoyment. Be playful and imaginative and allow these insights to make life more fun!

I personally like Barbara’s clear way of delivering her forcast. I don’t fully understand the astrological terms and prefer to have the implications interpreted for me as Barbara does so well.

Choose your zodiac sign below and go to your in depth monthly horoscope.

Have Fun!

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