Best Leg Exercises : 60+ Just For Us !

Best Leg Exercises
60+ Just For Us!

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The best leg exercises for women of our age must be
comfortable, safe and effective.

It seems the lower body is the most difficult to keep fat free and firm and what’s more.. It doesn’t get better as we get older!

Besides working on the shape of our legs we want to stay flexible and maintain good balance. Regular leg toning exercises will build stronger muscles which not only look leaner but use more calories all day long.

This in combination with daily walks, dancing or trampoline workouts reduces the overall body fat…

Goodbye wobbly inner thighs!

We certainly don’t need to waste our money on anti cellulite creams, slimming rubs or fancy gadgets whatever they promise.

Strong, lean legs at 60+ are down to..

  • Regular leg toning exercises
  • Regular walking, dancing, swimming.
  • Good diet with limited fat and sugar

Here’s How!
Our leg muscles especially the inner thigh muscles are under-used, this clear explanation and instruction is exactly what we need to be able to carry out the best leg exercises safely and effectively.

Sticking to it!
Having a good choice of workouts available to adapt to every situation will help you to make this part of your lifestyle.
A dance class, a brisk walk on a bright day or 30 minutes walking with Leslie Sansonne on video if it rains.
Some of the movements shown on the video Margie said could be done whilst watching TV or reading a book, give it a try.
Every workout needs effort but it’s easier if it’s varied, fun and effective!

My favourite fat burning exercise is also brilliant for working leg muscles. Some of you may know that I consider mini trampoline exercise one of the healthiest and most effective workouts for mature women. It’s fun, burns calories like a marathon and keeps heart, lymphatics, bones and more in top form. Read my summary in the link above.

and more..
Would you like to make some changes to your diet? Check out the Anti Aging Super Foods and Healthy Eating Guidelines for inspiration. Discover how a Pedometer works and how it can turn your daily stroll into 10.000 steps per day in no time!

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