Mini Trampoline Exercise the Most Effective for Mature Women

Mini Trampoline Exercise
Perfect Exercise for Older Women, here’s Why!

What every woman should know about
The Benefits of Mini Trampoline Exercise.

If we could design the most effective exercise for women over 60
it would probably look something like this..

  • Simple, fun and fast to do
  • Burns calories faster than jogging
  • Speeds up the metabolism
  • Builds muscle strength and improves shape
  • Provides amazing health benefits
  • Puts the brakes on the aging process
  • and is safe

Many women, especially older women believe that an exercise with these attributes which is easy and fun is a myth! How Wrong we are!

Enter The Mini Trampoline!

Getting older is a fact of life but looking old and tired isn’t. We know that exercise can slow down the aging process, and prevent many of the age related diseases.

Could mini trampoline exercise play a major part in getting in shape again, back to fit and healthy?

This Urban Rebounder Folding Trampoline comes with hand rail, carry case and 6 DVDs. It is one of hundreds so check it out and have a go! Here are the reasons why..

Why is Mini Tramopline Exercise so Effective?

Rebounding is quite unique in that at the top of each jump you achieve a weightless state and then you land with twice the force of gravity. It’s this twice gravity bounce that positively affects every muscle and cell in the body. Many studies including those by NASA, the Mayo clinic and universities all over the world have concluded that this biochemical stimuli is greater jumping on a trampoline than running or jogging.

The health benefits of trampoline exercise are numerous and covered on the page Benefits of Rebounding . Here I want talk about the main benefits we derive as older women, they are to:

  • strengthen the heart
  • improve circulation
  • stimulate flow in the lymphatic system
  • improve bone density
  • and speeding up metabolism

Don’t be a Heart Disease Statistic!

The heart is a pump made of muscle which like all muscles becomes weaker if not used efficiently.
Trampoline exercise is a simple, fun way to ensure that the heart remains strong enough to efficiently pump blood around the body 24/7. In combination with a healthy anti aging diet this could prevent clogging of the arteries and heart attack.
Women who exercise are less likely to develop high blood pressure and moderate exercise may even help those who have high blood pressure to reduce it.
Statistics have shown that exercise can increase good cholesterol (HDL) and lower bad cholesterol (LDL)

Lymphatic clean up!

The lymphatic system is the bodies waste disposal unit and most of us don’t know very much about it. Connected to every organ in the body it detects, collects and disposes of toxins, waste, infections and other harmful substances via a complicated system of veins, vessels and one way valves. some of the diseases associated with congested lymphatics are allergies, arthritis, infections, chronic fatigue, cancer and many more.
Unlike the heart the lymphatic system has no pump and has to rely on some other activity to create the necessary pumping action it needs to circulate. The most important ways of increasing lymphatic circulation are:

  • Massage
  • Exercise

Mini trampoline exercise is an excellent way of increasing lymphatic flow by as much as 15 times.
It is the rhythmic bouncing which achieves this remarkable feat by motivating all of the one way valves to open and close at the same time.

Strong Framework for Life

It’s hard to imagine that the framework that has kept us upright, strong and mobile all our lives could become weak and fail us. Osteoperosis is a condition in which bones become weak and brittle making us vulnerable to falls and broken bones. Recovery is extremely slow. This sort of bone degeneration can be attributed to many things but there are measures that we can take to push back the onset if not avoid osteoperosis.
Regular exercise combined with a healthy diet rich in calcium can improve bone density. Mini trampoline exercise is gentle and safe and can help to build bone density making bones stronger. Improved muscle strength means balance is improved and falls less likely.

We are living longer today than ever before and our expectations of health and well being are greater too. We are no longer prepared to accept the aging process with all it’s downsides.
We are striving for a fitter, healthier more youthful existence.
Mini trampoline exercise can play a major part in that quest to look better, feel better and stay healthier longer.

Bounce your way to good health,
a better figure and the best mood ever!

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