Boomer Diet Boot Camp

Boomer Diet Boot Camp

The Goal of Boomer
Diet Boot Camp is to find
that slimmer, healthier, happier person
inside before she gets lost forever!

easy diet plan salad

On this diet
feeling good and full of energy is as important as losing weight! We want to lose pounds eating healthy foods and there will be lots of
tips and tricks along the way and all the support we can give each other!

It’s totally
information, emails, social media and my blog which ever you

We are going

  • ·
    what we are eating
  • ·
    our habits around eating
  • ·
    reducing and maintaining weight easy and enjoyable.

We’re keeping it simple with an easy diet plan of juices,
soups, snacks and main meals. Simple recipes using everyday ingredients that are done in a flash!

Your last and most successful diet!

On the
following pages you’ll find all the basic ideas and how to string them together
to make this your last and most successful diet. Take a look and then come back here to Boomer
Diet Boot Camp to find out how we are going to stay in touch and stay positive!

  1. Quick
    Start Weight Loss Day
  2. Power
    breakfast at Healthy Breakfast Foods
  3. Satisfying
    midday soups at Diet Soup Recipes
  4. Healthy,
    Energy Snacks & Co at Healthy Diet Snacks
  5. Create delicious
    main meals at Safe Weightloss Recipes
  6. Super Juices.. anti aging, anti stress, energy, weight loss and more!
  7. One last note! Why Is Water Important?

All In The Same Boat!

Dieting and
weightloss become more difficult as we get older don’t they? Maybe your
problem has been getting worse over the years.
At some stage we realize we are no
longer wearing the style of clothes we like and we’re losing our identity.

Maybe you only
feel bad on occasions when you’re going somewhere and the clothes you intended
to wear look awful or maybe you feel miserable about it most of the time. If you are reading this page it is time to
take action and let this Diet Boot Camp help you lose the pounds that are standing in
the way of you being happy!

This is just one of the many delicious juices I recommend on the Boomer Diet. Apart from tasting great it contains ingredients
like folic acid and beta carotene which aid memory and magnesium and calcium to help calm jangled nerves. Quick and simple to make too!

Boomer Diet
Boot Camp will help you to choose the right foods to stay energized and never
be hungry
. We’ll also help you with how to prepare foods to avoid
compromising the nutrients so essential for our health as we get older. Plus my healthy juice recipe on a budget I call it my Friday Juice!

I have used my own experience and that of
many others in collecting the tips and suggestions I will be using on my pages,
emails and Facebook as we go along. I hope that you will join the
conversation on Facebook so we know how you are doing. Ask if you need help and
please share your tips and delicious recipes.

Let’s find
that slimmer, healthier, happier person
inside before she gets lost forever!

free! What do we have to lose?…

Yes.. Pounds!

Good Luck!

High Energy Diet Foods & GI index

Healthy Breakfast Foods for Energy

Kick Start with our Juicing Cleanse

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