Make up Techniques to Enhance Mature Skin

Still true to your old Make Up Techniques?

You could be missing a whole new world of beauty products made exclusively for very mature skin. Take advantage of the newest make up primers to prepare your skin for a lovely make up. Choose one to neutralize redness, add color to pallid skin or even brighten with a light golden tan. Whichever way you go your skin imperfections are history and you’re ready for..

  • perfected anti aging foundations
  • high performance velvety soft eye shadows
  • Sumptuous lipsticks, gloss and plumpers
  • Mesmerizing mascara for short, sparse, and straight lashes!

Let’s take a look at the new products for women of our age and then go on to learn how to use them by following the links.

Almost.. Flawless Skin Anti Aging foundations!

Very high tech, from lightweight sheer fluids to creams and mousse
they boast amazing coverage and color adjusting capabilities. They even
have light reflecting particles to add luminosity to dull, tired skin.
It seems the rules have been re-written to give us formulas that are easy to apply and bring benefits almost like an extension to our daily skin care.

Learn how to apply advanced make up foundation to counter redness, enlarged pores, and minimize lines on very mature skin.

Lancome Renergie Lift Makeup SPF 20 is one of the gems of the new era anti aging foundations with the all important SPF20. There are many great brands to choose from so shop around, ask for samples compare prices.

Improved Eye Make Up techniques & refined products

The latest eye shadows are fine milled to
be soft and gently matt. They adhere better to mature skin because they
have hydrating qualities. This also means they won’t settle into
hideous lines in the eyelid.
Some new shadows are applied as a soft cream and dry like a powder with a gentle matt effect. Most older women could use some new eye make up ideas to help them choose the right color combinations and make up techniques to minimize
droopy or loose eyelids.

This Christian Dior 5 Color Eye Palette provides a glorious combination of muted, gentle, non glittery colors for mature women.
Warning: before you invest in a palette like this one experiment with cheaper options until you know for sure which colors work with your eyes and skin color. Then buy the shadows in the quality which is best for older skin and eyes and enjoy the difference!

Mascara Magic for ALL Lashes!

Even your short, spiky or sparse lashes.. there is a mascara for you!
Avoid those with masses of tiny filaments because they will end up under
your eyes like a dark shadow.. leave these to the 16 year olds! Invest
in a good brand of mascara that can lengthen, separate, thicken or catch
the tiny lashes and won’t make your eyes red and itchy. Here’s how to
find the best mascara for your lashes and the colors which are most attractive at our age.

A perfect example is this ingenious
Phenomen’Eyes Waterproof Mascara by Givenchy designed to catch the tiniest lashes at the inner and outer corners of the lash line. The round brush makes it easy to color short or very sparse lashes almost individually and make the most of every one!

Then on to Eyebrows the most neglected of all make up routines. WHY.. because they become sparse and difficult to deal with. There are some rules and simple make up techniques you can learn to improve them. Here are some of my ideas on how to make up brows and lashes. Have a go you don’t need anything special to experiment!

Lips.. Softness,

Fullness and Shape

Lipsticks too have seen remarkable changes. The new formulas are more creamy even containing anti aging ingredients and plumping agents for more softness and plumpness. They are satiny without being shiny and the colors are designed to last all day without looking flaky. Get the low down on younger lips
and how to use a pencil like a profi to achieve an improved shape and
guarantee that your lipstick won’t bleed into the tiny lines around
your mouth.

Clarins is my favorite lipstick and this
Joli Rouge Moisturizing Lipstick is delightful in the mix of nurturing ingredients and choice of colors. It really stays put and the softness and sheen make the lips look and feel fuller. Gets my vote!

Best Undercover Work!

Concealer is indispensable if you suffer from rosacea or darkness under your eyes.

Its hard to know which one or which combination to buy. I have written about applying make up as a concealer using foundation and concealer products to get the best results. A little tricky at first but master a few professional make up techniques and it works like a dream!

An even easier solution to ruddy complexion, age spots or enlarged pores is a make up primer. This new kind of product can work wonders, making your make up last longer, cover better, minimizing lines and wrinkles and smoothing enlarged pores. I have put together all you need to know about foundation primer before buying one for your specific needs.

Never just resign yourself to an unwelcome change in your appearance.
There are so many make up techniques, ideas and products to choose from. You will find a solution too!

10 Step Make up Guide

Many of us have not changed our make up techniques in ages. If you would like to update your look but don’t know quite where to start, take a look at the 10 Step Make Up Guide. It’s a simple guide to today’s products and how to use them to achieve the results. It’s beautifully illustrated so if you have never quite mastered the magic of make up, this is for you.

Put in the same effort as if you were doing it for someone else.

That always works!

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