Rebounding, fun, fast, weightloss!

Rebounding, Fun, Fit, Fabulous!

10 minutes rebounding can burn
as many calories as 30 minutes jogging!

Burn 3 x more calories

If you are 50, 60 or 70 and want to get fit, lose weight and feel younger this is for you. Studies have shown that mini trampoline exercise benefits our health in many ways that can postpone or prevent age related diseases.
Find out more about the benefits of rebounding for every cell and organ in the body. What’s more trampoline exercise is easy, safe and results are startling.

This is the very best exercise for speeding up metabolism. Go from fat to fit in 10 – 20 minutes per day dancing to your favourite music.
You can integrate your upper body by using your arms for dance movements or as if you are boxing. I choose music with a good beat to inspire me to work up a good pace and enjoy a slower song in between to recover.
After using my trampoline for some time I began using ankle weights and now I use wrist weights as well. This increases the calories burned and strengthens the muscles too.

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Anti Aging built in!

Good posture is vitally important when it comes to looking and feeling good. Like walking, rebounding trains balance and posture effortlessly.

Do your sessions in front of a mirror and make them fun. Wear knock-out gym clothes and watch yourself get leaner and lovelier. Keep a look out for the right music to keep you in the good feeling place or a DVD to inspire you to try new moves and expect stunning results!

Vigorous and energising or rehabilitive and gentle


Unlike jogging or running this is the perfect exercise for women with joint problems. The shock absorbers in a good trampoline absorb the impact as your feet land back onto the surface material. This makes it very gentle on knees, ankles and hips.

You can begin slowly and build up muscle strength and bone density until you feel comfortable about increasing the pace. In rehabilitation centres patients are encouraged to use the
trampoline (after operations) to strengthen limbs whilst holding on to a frame for balance.

De-stress in a Flash!

To de-stress after work or hours on the computer you can spend a few relaxing minutes on the trampoline. Move your weight from one foot to the other whilst letting your arms hang loosely to your sides. Choose some soothing music and be amazed how quickly you feel calm and quiet again.

Mini Trampoline exercise claims a host of medical benefits

It supports the immune system, stimulates the lymph flow and improves bone density. Rebounding helps sink insulin levels,
cholesterol and blood pressure helping to prevent heart attack and stroke.

Add to that lifting mood, keeping us positive and manifesting our goals. Pretty good for a short exercise routine!

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