Improving Your Memory At Any Age!

Improving Your Memory for
A Bright Mental Future!

Has the idea of
improving your memory
cropped up more often recently?

Do you find it difficult to remember names, dates or even where you left your glasses?

Although we may fear the onset of Alzheimer’s it’s probably due to getting older and our brains like our bodies are no longer as fit as they used to be.

Don’t just accept decline!

Decide to do something about it.

Memory can be loosely divided into 2 areas:


  • The Short Term Memory is where the brain stores information for a few seconds or minutes. The time it takes to write down an address someone is giving you or compare the prices of items you want to buy.
  • The Long Term Memory facilitates recalling things you want or need to remember like family details and material you have learned. Emotional memories, facts and figures and also the routines or skills that you have learned that no longer need to be consciously remembered.

We need to keep the brain functioning healthily to improve memory. These are the key areas where you can make some changes
that will lead to improving your memory

Keys to a Healthy Brain

  • We need to eat healthy foods containing B Vitamins, antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Taking regular exercise increases oxygen to the brain and reduces the risk of diseases that lead to memory loss.
  • Managing Stress reduces damage to Brain by stress hormones.
  • Quality Sleep is vital for the brain to refresh and maintain it’s functions.
  • Don’t smoke and try to control alcohol consumption. If you are interested I can recommend a very effective book called How to stop drinking alcohol by Jason Vale.. take a look!. Smoking can lead to heart disease restricting oxygen supply to the brain and alcohol dehydrates the body and destroys brain cells. Read More about Why Water Is Important
  • Exercising those gray cells with challenging and fun activities and pastimes is crucial to maintaining brain health and memory.

If your memory is failing you it could just be that you have become lazy about taking in and processing information. If you are not ill or have any other disorder improving your memory at any age is possible!

Just like a muscle, it’s use it or lose it! Mental exercise is key to a good memory. Games, puzzles memory exercises and are great for keeping the mind sharp and so are courses, hobbies and learning new skills.

Anything that stimulates the brain will actually improve brain cell connections and boost memory.

Getting out with friends and going to new places, trying a new pass-time or sport that you never thought of before.

Remember, anything that engages the senses will help to stimulate your mind and strengthen your memory. So touch, feel, smell, and experience new things as often as you can.

Your brain controls everything you think, feel and do, so give it whatever it needs to carry out those things for you properly and boost the quality of your life, now and for the future!

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