Zumba Dance Away Mature Woman Problem Zones!

Zumba Dance Can Change Your Shape!

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However old you are.. Zumba Dance could change your life!

If you are 60+ and admit to finding most other forms of exercise a chore, this could be your lucky day.


Most of us wish our abs were tighter, our arms slimmer and our legs less wobbly. If you want to lose a few pounds (or more) and a latin beat makes you sway unconciously you may have discovered the path to your new shape!

So what is Zumba?

It’s an exercise routine inspired by Latin dances like Salsa and Samba with Reggaeton and Hip hop mixes too. There are also elements of exotic eastern Belly Dance and Bollywood. Latin music and hits from Lady Gaga, Madonna or Byonce fire you up and sultry eastern, hip swirling numbers help you slow down in between.

Zumba classes by trained instructors are usually an hour. You need nothing besides cool clothing and a pair or trainers. No fitness level or knowledge of dance required just move and have fun!

Can I still do this?

YES! There’s no learning of complicated sequences and counting of beats here! Just get into the music, copy the instructor and enjoy yourself.
The various routines are designed to raise the heart beat and keep it there with moves that firm abs, shape hips and generally strengthen core muscles. Arms and legs get a good Zumba workout too as you swirl and sway. You won’t even notice the lunges, jumps and punches!
Zumba is ageless, invigorating and revitalizing and you can begin by doing just the steps and add arm movements and more bounce as your body becomes stronger.

Watch this slowed down version so you can see what it’s all about!