Easy Abdominal Exercises to Tone That Mature Woman Midsection!

Easy Abdominal Exercises
Go from Flab to Flat, Fit & Fabulous!

Video Page!

Use these easy abdominal exercises to replace that weak flabby midsection with leaner, stronger core muscles.

Time Changes Everything

As we get older our shape changes. There are generally two reasons for this. We put on a little weight and we lose muscle tone.

But getting a flat tummy again is possible at any age AND there’s more…


Posture, balance and stability depend on strong core muscles.
The easy abdominal exercises below work the muscles of the abdomen, pelvis, hips and lower back. Strengthening these muscles will not only flatten your tummy. You will look leaner, feel stronger and be better able to tackle physical activities.

A short video of a good core workout

I have reviewed lots of video routines in the search for safe abdominal exercise routines and found this to be one of the best. It demonstrates clearly the correct way to do the exercises and gives simple options for making them easier or more difficult. The video lasts 15 minutes and there is no distracting music. Once you have learned the exercises you can do them in your own time and enjoying your own choice of music.
I have placed lots more tips and links to pages that can help you below the video.

Important Facts About Lean Muscle

Muscles are active tissue that are working around the clock to maintain themselves. So not only does lean muscle look slimmer but it also helps you to burn more calories.

To further support your effort to lose fat around your middle and expose your toned abdominal muscles you will need to do some aerobic or fat burning exercise. This could be walking, jogging, dancing or working out to a fitness DVD at home.

Having survived breast cancer 20 years ago I know how important my immune system is. This is one of the reasons I have made mini trampoline exercise my favourite fat burning workout. The health benefits are quite amazing due to the double gravity bounce and the calorie burning ratio is 3 x that of running. You can read the information by clicking the mini trampoline exercise link above. Burn fat, speed up metabolism and make your easy abdominal exercises even more effective!

Making some changes in your diet to incorporate more healthy anti aging super foods will help to reduce calories and supply your body with the essential lean proteins necessary to build muscle plus a healthy dose of vitamins, antioxidants and trace elements.

Below I have listed more pages linked to weightloss, toning and strengthening arms and abs and general fitness for older women. Please contact me if you would like to see another topic covered
in this section.

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