Exercise Ball Workout, Anti Aging for Mature Women.

Exercise Ball Workout
Anti Aging for Mature Women

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Is an exercise ball workout the answer to our prayers?

Where did my waistline go?

How can I tone my abs?

Losing a little weight is important but toning and shaping those abdominal muscles is what makes the difference. Jeans and skirts sit better not to mention a bikini.

The exercise ball makes really effective exercises easier and more enjoyable. If you haven’t done any exercise for some time take a look at the abdominal exercises for beginners to learn how to use the exercise ball correctly.

5 Minute Core Workout, take a look

In this video, Nicole will lead you through a fun 5-minute core workout that will target and tone your abs, obliques, and lower back without any crunches. If you’re an intermediate to advanced exerciser who is looking for new and challenging workout, try these moves today!

Please take care when doing these exercises.

The exercise ball workout can be used to tone upper body, lower body, and flexibility. There are some excellent DVDs and books to help you work specific areas such as bingo wings, thighs, butt and stomach.

10 Minute Solution: Fitness Ball Workouts

View the Trailer from 10 Minute Solution

5 “10 minute” Fitness Ball workouts

Each one specially-designed to tighten and tone your body. The real secret of the exercise ball workout is that it works your midsection without you even knowing it. Just by maintaining balance on the ball, you constantly activate your core muscles so all the workouts will help give you leaner, flatter abs.

You can split these 10 minute sections into 5 separate workouts, or mix and match to hit your own unique problem areas… or do all of them together!

Get on the Ball: Total Body Workout

Get on the Ball

This fabulous book features over 100 exercises that will help you to look good and feel fantastic, giving you a stronger, leaner and injury-free body. This comprehensive approach to the fitness ball workout will develop your core stability, activate balance, improve your joint mobility and flexibility and increase abdominal strength.

Each exercise is illustrated and offers multiple degrees of difficulty, with special workout sequences for maximum fitness. You will enjoy this exercise ball workout.

Get on the Ball makes it easy to achieve a slimmer waistline, firmer abs and a fitter body. Enjoy the exercises and celebrate the results!

Lisa Westlake has been working in the areas of health and fitness for over 20 years. She is a highly regarded instructor and presenter and combines her physiotherapy and fitness skills to provide fitness programmes to suit any age or level of ability. Her first book Strong to the Core is a bestseller.

Savasa for Women Eco Body Ball with Pump and SPT Workout DVD

2 short videos of the Savasa body ball workout

Buying a fitness ball

It’s important to get one that is right for your height. This one comes in 3 sizes

  • 55cms under 5′- 6″
  • 65cms5′- 6″ to 5′- 10″
  • 75cms5′ -11″ plus

15 Minute workouts with ace trainer Jamie Krester using the Savasa Eco body ball made from non toxic PVC.
Even on your busiest days you can squeeze in a Savasa Personal Trainer 15 minute workout.

Now it’s down to you. Choose a book or DVD that suits you and create your own routine to get that toned body, flat tum or toned arms.
Workout once or twice a week and…

Celebrate your new shape every day!

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