Zumba Workout Great For Older Women Too!

Zumba Workout!
Can I Still Do This At 60?

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At 63 I am loving the ZUMBA Workout and the effect it has on my energy levels and my midriff!

This is us (me far right in black) after our Zumba Class with instructor Rachel at Coin on the Costa del Sol, Spain.

I asked Rachel about the Zumba and why she thinks it’s great for older women too! This is what she had to say..

Q. Rachel why is Zumba so close to your heart?

I think it was because even though I had trained as a professional dancer and dance teacher I came across the Zumba workout at a time I needed to get back into shape. After I had my daughter in 2006 I had not performed in three years and I had put on weight, two dress sizes and that is a lot for someone with a small frame like mine. I suffered from terrible back pain due to birth complications. Once my physiotherapist said it was safe I tried aerobics and other exercises but either suffered too much pain due to my back problems or just got bored with the monotony of fitness programs.

Zumba was different! I knew that straight away. It was fun and did not overwork any part of the body yet worked all the body just enough to see results and quickly. Instead of dreading going to my Zumba workout I looked forward to it, I ended up doing five sessions a week. Loving the routines I had mastered and relishing learning new ones. Before I knew it I had lost all the extra weight and my body was more toned than ever, I also had constant energy and more stamina than I had ever had. That is when I knew rather than going to back to teaching my other styles I had to train to teach Zumba. If it could do this for me I knew it would work for others. I know it sounds corny but Zumba changed my life and I wanted to be able to help it do the same for other women.

Q. How do you feel about older women and Zumba?

This is very important to me because every week I receive emails from ladies who are worried they are too old to come to class or they will be the oldest person there. I have such an age range in my class from sixteen to ladies in their upper sixties. No one is too old to join a Zumba workout class. When you start as with any exercise program you learn the basics and it takes a little time to master routines. You don’t always have huge amounts of stamina, whatever your age but this comes because Zumba helps you to build stamina. I have women in my class who are over 65 who are still bounding with energy at the end of an hour session and young girls of 16 that are worn out after the first four songs and have to take a minute to get their breath. All I can say to ladies who are worried is to come along and try for yourself. You will quickly see that you will not only master the routines but the new found energy the Zumba workout gives you will benefit you even outside of class. It is really important to me that NO women whatever their age miss out on this because they are getting older. You either move it or lose it! Dance is one of the most therapeutic and fun ways to keep fit.

Q. How can women approaching 60 and over benefit physically from Zumba?

It is a time of life a womans body is changing. Gradual weight gain particularly around the mid section and lack of energy are huge concerns. The Zumba workout is a great way for women to work the whole body. Every single dance routine in Zumba works every part of the body especially the trouble zone for all women, the abdominals. The twists and turns in our Salsa and Merengue numbers work this area a treat but never over do it like sit ups and other aerobic exercises do. Zumba is a great cardio vascular exercise helping women to stay heart healthy and combat the staggering rates of heart disease among women today. The weight bearing in Zumba helps increase bone density and lowers the risk of osteoporosis. Dance is a complete and gentle form of exercise so it is suitable for women of all ages. Older participants love the fact that you can take things at your own pace and just give it your all or less depending on how they feel!

3 minute Video of a warm up routine. Take a look!