Anti Aging Skincare for Women over 60!

Rev Up Your Anti Aging Skincare Routine!

Has your anti aging skincare routine been the same for years?

Where could you be doing more?

Fact is.. we are going to live longer, we care more about how we look because we are socially more engaged. Pollution is the highest it’s ever been and we spend more time in the sun.
It’s also true to say that with the right routine and a little know how, it’s possible to keep our skin looking it’s best until we’re 100!

A great skincare regime can be simple, inexpensive and stunningly effective!

All you need is..

  • A little time every day.
  • Know your budget.
  • Product knowledge (it saves money)
  • How to manage problem zones, enlarged pores, facial redness
  • A short but regular routine
  • Some lifestyle tweaks, food choice, fitness and sleep.

How much time?

Your anti aging skincare routine can be quick but if you invest an extra hour per week for deep cleansing treatments and hydrating masks you will see a marked improvement in your skin and you can save money too.

A regular morning and evening ritual takes ten minutes but your skin will thank you for it! Take a few moments to understand the anti aging skincare facts and what makes very mature skin look the way it does.

Even on a small budget!

You need to know how much you can spend on regular anti aging skincare . An expensive one off anti aging product will be of no long term benefit. That said, the best anti aging creams need not be expensive. Today the Olay Regenerist anti aging moisturizer is a low cost, stunning results legend! For those whose budget allows the odd indulgence some of the best anti aging moisturizers around are in the mid price range. We now know that these products out perform luxury brands so even for problem zones, facial redness treatment, under eye and enlarged pores etc. there’s no need to break the bank!

Know the products and what YOUR skin needs!

The basic daily routine is three steps, and I have made a few suggestions for cleansing, moisturizing and hydrating night cream. Older skin loses the ability to hold water which is why our skin sometimes looks flat and dry. A weekly exfoliation can work wonders here, clearing debris from the surface and encouraging production of new and better hydrated cells. The best exfoliators are inexpensive and very gentle but extremely efficient.

Special needs products are those that deal with dark circles under eyes
or the despised enlarged pores. There are excellent facial redness treatments and brightening and smoothing products. See if you can leverage a sample from the cosmetic counter before making a decision. There are some good product reviews from women over 60 on the Best Anti Wrinkle Creams Reviews Page. You could add your favorite product too.. it’s easy to do!


The Super Serum!

Luminosity and radiance for mature skin today comes in the form of Serum.

Powerful cocktails of active ingredients in a low viscosity fluid that is carried deep into the skin layers to work mini miracles but cost a bit more!

The ultimate for special days or evenings are ceramide smoothers with instant illuminating qualities which make your skin light up from within!

For some of us a little expensive to use all the time but best anti aging product to have up your sleeve for special occasions!

Cosmecueticals? What are they?

A cross between cosmetic and pharmaceuticals, this kind of anti wrinkle skincare has a higher percentage of active ingredients like hyaluronic acid. They are some of the best anti wrinkle products and can produce stunning results over time. Read about them first and be aware of their strength and potential before making a decision.

Very many of these products are available in travel size for less expensive experiments!

The basic minimum routine.

The very basic routine described on my anti aging advice page involves 3 essential steps. This is the very minimum anti aging skincare ritual and should be used morning and evening every day. One famous Dermatogolist said leaving make up on overnight ages your skin faster than anything else! Cured?

Besides the lotions and Potions what else can we do?

Food choices and lifestyle play a huge role in how we look at our age. Eat smart and move more is a concept I use in the Back to Fitness Challenge but it is a great concept for keeping our skin glowing too. Sleep becomes even more important as we age. Our skin is in recovery mode and so is our body. After a good nights sleep we look better and feel better. Stress increases symptoms of aging so try to get some exercise to reduce stress and help you sleep. You’ll find lots of other tips on this website or join me on my Facebook Anti Aging in Action Page.. Let’s have a chat?

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