Lose Ten Pounds Fast even at 60 +

How to Lose Ten Pounds Fast
Even at 60+

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Lose ten pounds fast… 10lbs starting now…
It’s really never too late!

If you are in your late 50s or 60+ and struggling with those pounds, this is for you.

Weightloss walking is easy, safe and brings spectacular results.

This can work for you now

Lose ten pounds now and stay slim forever.
Sometimes it’s the little differences that can help you to lose pounds guickly. Here’s how!

Pedometer & Shoes

You will need a good pair of walking shoes and a pedometer to motivate you to keep walking and counting those steps.

To lose ten pounds fast your aim will be to build up to walking 10.000 steps per day at least 5 days per week.
Choose a simple step counting pedometer and wear it all day. For your walks, shopping and around the house…

every step counts!

This simple Omron HJ-150 Hip Pedometer is a good place to start but there hundreds to choose from including wrist band pedometers.

The Skinny on Making it Work This Time

Always warm up first with a few stretches or walking at a moderate pace for a few minutes.
Stand up straight when you walk and look straight ahead. Keep your hips stable and draw in your tummy muscles. Pull your belly button inwards and upwards toward the spine but without tensing your bottom.
Step out with your heel first, roll through and push off with your toes.Bend your elbows and swing them backwards and forwards as you walk. Don’t exaggerate this movement. Your arms should not swing higher than your chest or cross in front of you.

The Right Speed

To lose ten pounds fast, speed is important. But please don’t rush off to do 10.000 steps at top speed. First practice the correct technique and increase your speed in small increments until you feel you are going to break into a jog. Slow down just a little to what is probably your best fat burning speed.

Reebok Women’s Easytone Reeinspire II Walking Shoe

Results, Fast and Fabulous!

This technique will improve your posture, tone your midriff, abs, legs and bottom. The pedometer tells you exactly how many steps you have covered and motivates to complete your daily goal.
Walking out in the fresh air boosts your mood. You will feel the squeeze and realise that this is a secret
lower ab exercise and the best leg toning exercise there is!

Weekly Walking Log

Write down the total steps you walked each day.
I was amazed at how quickly they mount up. 10.000 doesn’t seem such a difficult goal after all.

Really unfit? Just Build Steps Slowly

Of course everyone is different and if you are very unfit just begin walking slowly and aim for 1.000 steps per session. Your steps around the house all day will add up too. Walk instead of taking the car and your total will be 2.000 in no time.
mini trampoline exercise is a very good alternative to walking if you want to bring in some variety. The health benefits are enormous and anyone can do it. Not to mention that it burns calories like running a marathon.

Take it easy and decide to build your sessions up slowly but stay with it. If you have been ill or are very overweight talk to your doctor first and get his advice.


Weightloss walking is seriously anti aging. Lose ten pounds fast, put a smile back on your face and your clothes will fit again like magic!

It’s the best anti aging treatment there is.

Do it for you!

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