Standing Abdominal Exercises

Standing Abdominal Exercises for
Women Who Hate Crunches!

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Why standing abdominal exercises?

I find myself writing a lot about why we should do safe abdominal exercises.

Today I want to talk about why we don’t do them!

If you would love to strengthen and tone your abs but just never manage the exercises for long, you will know why!

Standing ab exercises are a great solution for those who:

  • Have difficulty getting onto and back up off the floor.
  • Feel uncomfortable lying flat on the floor.
  • Feel discomfort in the neck or lower back area when executing exercises.
  • Or people who find crunches too difficult as a beginner.

I found two great videos to demonstrate these easy and safe abdominal exercises. They are based on every day movements and hone posture and balance whilst building core strength and toning those abs!

Less Risk of Injury

The best ab exercises for mature women are those that are highly effective, comfortable to perform and reduce the risk of injury. Exercising core muscles in this way makes for a healthy spine and helps prevent lower back pain. Some people find that they can graduate to other moves for example, crunches on a fitness ball or even on the floor after doing these standing abdominal exercises for some time.

Some Facts to Keep in Mind!

We all have abdominal muscles or we wouldn’t be able to sit up. If you cannot see yours they could be covered by a layer of fat. Exercising alone will not reveal them but reducing calories, doing some fat burning exercise and abdominal exercises will!

Below you will find links to pages on this website with help and inspiration on fat burning fitness for mature women, walking, trampoline exercise, rebounding etc with tips on motivation and technique.

The enormous health benefits of mini trampoline exercise together with the fast fat reducing possibilities make it a perfect exercise for mature women.

Lots of ideas on reducing calories, topping up your vitamin intake with healthy juices and staying hydrated at all times.

Whether your goal is to have flat abs or you want to be stronger and healthier…

Let’s make this the day you say I think I can do this! Perhaps with the help of some new standing abdominal exercises!

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