How Many Calories in… ?

How Many Calories in…?
8 Popular Books on Just That!

How many calories in…?

That’s the big question.

If you are tired of dieting in the dark and want to know what “50 calories” looks like, here’s a few of my favourite calorie focused books that could help.

My blue print for losing pounds easily at 60 shows a flexible method of losing pounds by reducing calories and/or exercising.

Successful weightloss is not about fanatically weighing and trying to count every last calorie.

It is having a healthy knowledge of which foods are lower in calories and how you can combine them to make tasty, healthy meals that stay within the limits of 300 or 400 calorie meals.

Discovering low calorie snack alternatives alone can reduce calorie intake by hundreds.

So grab a cup of tea or coffee (without sugar!) and settle in to decide which book appeals to you the most.

100-Calorie Snack Cookbook

Are you good at mealtimes but not so good in between?Then this book is for you.

Sally Sampson has created an amazing variety of low calorie snacks to meet anyone’s craving for sweet, crunchy, savoury, or just plain delicious. You will find soups, salads, vegetables, eggs, grains, desserts and beverages all only 100 calories per serving, brilliant!

The Calorie Counter For Dummies

In a light hearted format a detailed guide to how many calories in….

A delicious, easy and safe plan to follow for the rest of your life with ideas to improve eating and exercise habits. Simply scrumptious low calorie recipes, no glossy photos but lots of humour and fun!

The Longevity Diet: Discover Calorie Restriction

An appealing title!

Can calorie reduction increase life expectancy?

The authors of this book make a great case for choosing low calorie nutrient rich
foods over empty calories and high carbohydrate foods. They believe
that choosing low calorie nutrient dense food, can prevent, even cure
conditions like high blood pressure.

Lots of good , easy to understand information on reducing calories whilst including essential nutrients like protein and fats.

Classic 1000 Calorie-counted Recipes

A great recipe book, and who better to write it than a former head chef.

Carolyn Humphries offers an easy, no-effort calorie control system
which will guarantee that you lose the weight – if you just use it. But
more importantly, it will keep you at your new weight – if you continue
to use it.

Betty Crocker The 300 Calorie Cookbook: 300 tasty meals for eating healthy every day

The 300 Calorie Cook Book looks at how many calories in your favorite meals
and offers slimmed-down versions. Recipes for burgers, sandwiches,
soups and stews, salads, main courses, even casseroles-all just 300
calories or less per serving.

A fabulous collection of deliciously filling main dishes all 300 calories or less!

Not in the US?
Calorie Counters Amazon UK
delivery to Spain and other countries in Europe.

The Pocket Calorie Counter 2012 Edition (Portable Diet Guide)

The CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter 2010

Two inexpensive handbag size calorie counters, Good to have with you at a restaurant or in the supermarket.

Get the “skinny” on all the salad sauces and BBQ dips. You’ll be amazed!

no shortage of low calorie recipe books on the market.They all have
information on how many calories in everyday foods.Most of them use healthy vegetables, fruit and lean meat and fish. Try to avoid those that recommend quick, processed, or artificially sweeetened ingredients.

400 delicious weight-loss recipes, weight-loss tools, daily inspiration
and more from Joy Bauer – Today show’s official diet expert.

I use US recipe books and some UK recipe books and after 40 some years
of cooking I am no longer thrown by ozs, cups, lbs or kilos. If I need
an ingredient I have never heard of I “google it” find out what it is
and replace it with something similar or choose another recipe.

It seems a pity to me to not try recipes from another country simply
because there are some ingredients I have not come across yet.

But that’s just me! I know you will find what you are looking for. Try these tips on losing weight for inspiration. Main thing is, lose those pounds and keep them off by knowing How Many Calories in..?

Nothing tastes as good as slim feels!

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