Get More Energy and Revitalise Your Life at any Age.

Get More Energy and Keep it!

Do you need to get more energy?
If you are approaching 60 or already there, retired, kids have flown the nest but…
Well, you don’t feel really happy. It’s almost as if you’re letting yourself down.

Is time slipping away?

Ask your self how you imagined this time would be.

  • Did you think you would look different or feel different? Be more active or more relaxed? Less stressed, more optimistic, worry free?

  • It’s the discrepancy between your vision and what you see as your reality that makes you restless and saps your energy.

  • Remember you have always found a solution and you will this time too.

Maybe you have slowed down too much and are feeling a little bored. Have you gained a few annoying pounds? Why not ease yourself into an exercise routine.
Just walking outside in the fresh air is sometimes enough to lift a dark cloud and get more energy.
A simple pedometer is a powerful motivation tool. Clip it to your waistband and walk 1.000 steps. You will surprised how quick and easy that is and the effect it has on your mood is nothing short of magic. You might want to up the steps tomorrow to 1.500.

If your weight is worrying you but you don’t find the energy to go on a diet then look into the list of anti aging superfoods. These are natural mood and energy boosters
Could it be comfort foods that are holding you in a cycle of highs and lows?
Improving mood is sometimes just a matter of finding the foods that work against you and limiting them.
This breaks the cycle, allows you to sleep better., feel energised and happier. If you have a serious sleep problem an audio sleep remedy might be the answer.

Women in their 60s who have retired or no longer take care of a family sometimes miss the tasking and feel less important. Starting a new hobby or learning a new skill are proven confidence builders. Being involved in something that we enjoy can successfully take our minds off nagging concerns about other things, grown up children or elderly parents. How to get more energy becomes unnecessary when you’re bubbling over with enthusiasm.

  • Do you have a situation that cannot be solved so easily? perhaps a loved one is sick or there are mounting problems in another area. You need to get more energy and find ways to relax.

Stress is the number one cause of “that tired all the time feeling.”
Try these tips to help you reduce the stress factor

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Breaking up your day and doing things in a different order can sometimes lift your mood. Plan regular treats for yourself (even something very simple) but stop making lists of things to do. Dump the guilt, anger or feelings of resentment. Try Meditation or Yoga to help you relax and find another perspective on your situation.

We all have things to be grateful for. The law of attraction says we should focus on what we have and not what we don’t have.
Because we get more of what we focus on. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • I am so glad I have ……. in my life.
  • I am grateful that my kids are happy
  • Working in my lovely garden really helps me
  • I am looking forward to……coming at the weekend
  • I feel better now I have lost weight
  • I am looking forward to eating less and losing weight
  • it’s good not to have to go to work anymore
  • It’s good to have time for myself

Why not treat yourself to a small luxury, a gorgeous new perfume or some exciting new make up but do it for you. A weekend spa works wonders but if that would break the bank then spoil yourself at home with a relaxing facial or skin treatment.

Do you want to have a look at the big picture again and figure out where you could make some improvements in your life, for you?
Get yourself a coffee and take a look at the Anti Aging Secrets

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