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Sunny Health & Fitness Trampoline with bar – Black

Getting Started
with Rebounding Fitness!

So you’re convinced about the health
Benefits of Rebounding and now you need to know more about mini trampolines and exactly what to do on them!

You probably won’t be looking to spend hundreds of dollars on your first trampoline so the first two shown here cost around $80.

Both trampolines are 40″ in diameter and fold away for storage. Though it is definitely better if you can leave the trampoline ready to use at any time. The Urban Rebounder weighs 26lbs and the Sunny Health 28lbs and both will take weight of 300lbs.

Urban Rebounder Folding Trampoline Workout System

They feature a stabilizing bar, strong legs and durable cloth bounce area. The workout video included with the Urban rebounder may not be suitable for beginners or women with any health concerns, so be careful. I have reviewed more suitable DVDs below if you need some inspiration to begin a routine.
There are very many rebounders on the market, some good and some not so good. I urge you to look around and read the reviews before making your choice.

2 of The Very Best!

Needak Rebounder Platinum Edition Half Fold Soft Bounce

Needak only manufacture rebounders and the
Soft Bounce is their innovation. This is a spring system which absorbs as much as
85% of the impact of each bounce. It really feels like you are sinking into the mat and bouncing out again.. wonderful!

Needak Soft Bounce Black Trampoline Folding Rebounder with Stabalizing Bar-R01-R05

There are many different versions of this high quality rebounder
including foldable options, with or without stabilizer bar and a carrying case for the very dedicated!
The stabilizer bar is adjustable to 3 levels and can be removed and disassembled.

Whilst spare parts are available from Needak this rebounder carries an amazing warranty. Lifetime for the frame, 5 years springs, 2 for the mat and 10 years the bar. There’s even an instruction/information booklet!

Sneiders Perfect Rebounding Workout

Show Me How!

Of course DVDs can help to
inspire your workout and motivate. There are a million DVDs out there for rebounding fitness but many incorporate fast, difficult workouts to a beat that beats me! I have chosen two that I consider good for beginners with clear instructions and suitable moves but also some variety. Both DVDs have been around for a long time so if anyone has found something new that is really good, I would love to hear from you.
Harry and Sarah Schneider’s Perfect Rebounding Workout is a “how to” DVD for all levels. With clear instructions for beginners this DVD also shows how to incorporate hand weights into the routine to tone and shape the body. There are fun dance movements and some ideas on using rebounding fitness to improve various sports training. Read the description and reviews at Amazon.

Bouncin’ in the House

Need a slower start because of weakness or health concerns? In this beginner training Blanche Black guides you in small 3 minute increments to rebounding fitness. There’s a 20 minute rebounding routine and then 10 minutes stretching.
Bouncin´ in The House is great for easing your way back in shape and good if you want to begin cautiously. Don’t forget to always consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise especially if you have been ill or inactive recently.

Rebound Exercise: The Ultimate Exercise for the New Millennium

Tell Me More?

This book by Albert Carter a pioneer in the field of rebounding, explains the health advantages of rebounding in great detail. If you want to know more about how rebounding works on a cellular level and you are interested in the research that validates those principles this is the work for you. Mr Carter explains various bodily systems and how the gravity bounce benefits those systems. A fascinating book with helpful tips on all aspects of rebounding fitness.

Mini trampoline exercise is the best low impact form of exercise for mature women. The health benefits are undisputed and fat burning and weightloss are guaranteed. There is not a more fun way of getting in shape than a rebounding fitness routine.
It is simple and safe to begin and you will be amazed at how quickly you progress to a good aerobic workout.

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