Successful Weightloss for Older Women

Successful Weightloss
Stay Slim Forever

What do you know about successful weightloss?

What don’t you know about dieting?

Like me, you probably have a degree in Carbs, calories, BMI, metabolism, GLX, exercise and damage limitation… Weight control was never a problem. So why are we having such a hard time losing weight now?

It’s because you know what used to work!

Before a family wedding or a beach holiday we got out the big guns and survived on a couple of hundred calories a day. Jogged around the block after work and voila… in two weeks everything fitted a treat.

That was then..

In the meantime things have changed. It is a fact that after 50 our mid sections get heavier, legs, butt and boobs are less toned and seem to take up more space!

Some of the obstacles to successful weightloss we had then are still around and a few more may have crept in. Lack of time, responsibilities to our aging parents, grown up kids and grandchildren, finances, job, lack of energy and aches and pains.

What We know now for sure is that successful weightloss means a Lifestyle of good healthy eating and some fun exercise.

What we really need is a good looking Personal Trainer to take us through our workout every day and a Profi Chef in the kithchen to cook us gourmet meals at around 200 calories a time! Failing that…

Joy's Life Diet

You can get loads of support from an online weightloss
programme like Joy Bauer’s. Because Joy is a nutritionist we know that
her diet is a highly nutritious, varied and balanced plan. Extremely
important I think particularly at our age.

There are loads of quick, simple recipes using many ingredients that I had forgotten about and skinny ways to prepare them .
Inspiration is sometimes just putting a new twist on something old
isn’t it? There are hundreds of delicious weight-loss recipes waiting
for you, plus weight-loss tips and tools and daily inspiration from Joy Bauer – Today show’s official diet expert.

The Fitness Plan

The fitness plan comes with loads of inspiring ideas to get you active as
often as possible and there’s a calorie counter, weight tracker and
meal planner. In fact all the support you need on a daily basis for
successful weightloss!

A CBN television interview

On this video Joy Bauer shares her tips for healthy weightloss. She talks about her new book Your Inner Skinny and presents a mother and daughter, two of her amazingly successful slimmers.

Your Inner Skinny: Four Steps to Thin Forever

Your main goal may be to get into your favourite clothes again but the additional benefits are feeling energised, radiant and above all healthy.Lets lose weight look younger, feel fitter and enjoying life more.

Funny isn’t it how easy it is to go the extra mile for someone else. At this stage in our lives it’s time to do this for ourselves. Lets make a commitment to finally get slim and stay slim.

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