Tips on Weightloss for Mature Women

Tips on Weightloss
from our Favorite Nutritionist

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Joy Bauer author of

Your Inner Skinny shares her tips on weightloss.

She talks about her new book and her highly nutritious, varied and balanced programme. Two of her amazingly successful slimmers tell us why they chose the programme.

Let’s look at WHY Joy Bauer’s diet tips are so good and so important for us.Unlike many so called diet Gurus, Joy is a nutritionist.

You can read about
Joy’s background here.
For us this means that all of Joy’s tips on weightloss are based on her knowledge and experience. She understands our problems and knows how to overcome them.

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Take 10 minutes, get a coffee and listen in…

Learn how to lose up to 5 lbs in 1 week on Joy’s Life Diet! Joy Bauer is the official diet expert on the Today show.

Did you get all of the tips Joy shared in this video?

Joy's Life Diet

Food does not have to be boring.

The online diet programme has hundreds of exciting recipes all chosen to make getting slim and staying slim a healthy and easy way of life.

Joy chose 6 typical diet dishes today and told us exactly why they help us to lose pounds quickly.

  • Shrimp Cocktail not only tastes fabulous but it is really low calorie protein. 8 Calories per piece and a great metabolism booster.
  • Fiery Chicken Salad again with low calorie protein but the dressing is the key here. Enhanced with a fiery (tabasco) sauce to ignite your taste buds and slow you down.
  • Pumpkin Pudding made with low fat yoghurt (valuable metabolism
    boosting protein) and pumpkin. High in fibre and water the pumpkin swells in the tummy and makes us feel fuller, longer.
  • The Skinny Soup is a trick I love. Joy reccomends eating this light soup based on a chicken broth before dinner to take the edge off your appetite so you eat less of the main meal. This can save up to 200 calories.
  • Mediterranean Cucumber Salad. The cucumber is 95% water and a whole cucumber has 40 calories. These are the invaluable tips we need for successful weightloss.
  • Lastly
    the Green Tea with Ginger. Something warm and comforting to sit down
    with instead of going on the hunt for something that will sabotage your

These are the tips on weightloss that we
need to guide us to our Inner Skinny. Inspiration in the form of recipe
ideas, new ingredients, a low calorie re-mix on one of our favorites or
a delicious yummy snack for the weak moments.

Get some help, get on track to your goal and make it fun!

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