How to look younger and thinner by tonight!

How to Look Younger & Thinner
by Tonight!

How to look younger and…

How to look thinner by tonight without dieting! Wow!

These are the inspiring words of bestseller author
Charla Krupp

Charla understands that whether we are content with our weight, dieting or really quite slim there will always be areas that are no longer perfect. Upper arms, tummy and tush.

How to Never Look Fat Again: Over 1,000 Ways to Dress Thinner–Without Dieting!

As former editor of In Style Magazine, beauty director of Glamour and known to most Americans from the “Today Show” Charla has become a pro at hiding fat. She says ” don’t beat your self up for being overweight just choose the right clothes”.

Bare Necessities

In her Book How never to Look Fat Again she has chosen models with our body issues, Arm flab, Big bust, muffin top and Buddha belly to demonstrate how picking clothes from the ‘No Fat’ lists can change your look.

There are embarrassing pages on fabrics, colours and styles that make us look fat and wonderful pages with the best shades, shapes and brilliant buys for us to experiment with.

You’ll find out about the products and services to avoid and
then best of all the “Top Ten Tips that will make you Thinner by Tonight

In this book you get to find out what no one else will tell you about how not to look fat.

Charla says “In this book, I promise you, you will finally GET IT”.

How Not to Look Old by Charla Krupp

Charla’s first book (May 2009)

How Not To Look Old
has been a phenominal success. In it she speaks to every women regardless of budget who wants to know how to look younger.

With the help of hair stylists, make up artists, designers, dermatologists and cosmetic dentists she maps out what is Y&H Young & Hip and what is OL Old Lady. From skirt lengths, unmatch your wardrobe, shapewear and sexy heels to fabulous eyewear with suggestions for what Charla calls “low maintenance” and “high maintenance women” The book is choc full of fantastic photography and celebrity examples.

A must read for women looking for an effortless way of looking 10 years younger, 10 pounds lighter and 10 times better.

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