Lose Ten Pounds By Christmas! Simple & Safe!

Lose Ten Pounds Before Christmas
Your Way

You already know how to Lose Ten Pounds by Christmas!

If you have read about and tried hundreds of diets over the years and always regained the weight, take the time to read this.
You can halt gradual weight gain, lose ten pounds and maintain your weight with this simple plan.

YOU customise this plan with the knowledge you have about what works for you.
At this stage in our lives following someone else’s diet plan won’t
work for long! Read this plan, stick to it 80% / 20% and you will
effortlessly lose ten pounds by Christmas!

Your Way!

The plan is S-I-M-P-L-E!
Use what you know about you to your advantage!

S Stop eating one food, the one you know is sabotaging
your attempts to lose weight. For many of us this is the daily bread or
biscuits/cakes with our coffee. For others sweet comforts like
chocolate or the evening snacks of nuts and savoury munchies.
For me it was the wine that I so loved, to mark the end of a busy day. During my years in Germany sharing a bottle of wine with dinner had become a way of life. I knew that these calories were the main cause
of the weight gain. I needed to change this beloved habit if I wanted
to lose weight. I stopped drinking wine and found I even slept better.
It becomes easier to add the food (or drink) back into your daily diet,
as a treat once you have lost the weight.
You don’t need any help to identify which food has to go. I’m here to help you recognise that this is one of the main things that stands between you and a wardrobe of clothes that no longer fit!

I Introduce some exercise into you day! Don’t freak out.. I don’t mean a marathon. You need to burn more calories to boost your metabolism but you can do it any way you like..

cleaning the house or running a mile. Think walking, dancing, rebounding on a mini trampoline, exercise at home to a CD or video, Zumba classes, skipping, gardening, exercising at the gym, lifting weights, spinning or any other available class that appeals. Just get moving!
If you want to lose ten pounds by Christmas let’s set the game up so you can win..
Choose an activity you like or used to like and something you can do when it rains. Bring some variety
into the game and you won’t get bored and begin at your own pace,
over-do it and you’ll find an excuse by tomorrow! Do your chosen
exercise on at least 3 days per week and more often if you can. You
will find to your amazement that the more you do the more you enjoy it!

M Menus and measures can make or break this mission so plan what you will eat tomorrow or for the whole week if you can.

At our age we know, from the foods we can eat to lose weight which ones we like and which we don’t.
Plan your meals and snacks around those foods and have all of them
available. Don’t buy the foods you have decided not to eat. Think
carefully about the size of the meals that you eat and choose a smaller plate if necessary, that you will use from now on.
Be imaginative when choosing snacks. A little of something you enjoy
at the right moment can save you going off the rails. This plan is not
about starving yourself until you give up but about losing weight on a
healthy diet with foods that you like. Don’t be guilty of being too lazy to prepare healthy food. Make the effort now and you’ll slip into that little black number like the day you bought it!

P Plan rewards for every stage of the game. Each week, each pound or for a day that has been tough.

We have forgotten how to pat ourselves on the back for effort or achievement. Either way we have put ourselves out and a small recognition works wonders.
A magazine, a new skin cream or a concert, just try not to make these rewards edible ones.
A facial is perfect, it’s relaxing and boosts your new found confidence.
You are going to lose ten pounds by Christmas and change something in your life that has made you unhappy.
It’s really important to reward yourself for every step of the way.

L Letting Go! Weight gain has long been linked to stress. Try to locate the areas in your life that cause you to worry or feel overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s just a case of cutting our load by learning to say no
but if it’s not that easy, ask a good friend to help you find a
solution. Often others see clearly what is staring us in the face.
Look for ways to relax and just be in the moment. Meditation can help, sport too but also just allowing yourself me time.
When did you last read a book or listen to some music? Decide to change
some of these things and make it your goal to step off this frantic merry go round we call life for a short time every day! Ditch the worry and watch how simple it is to lose ten pounds by Christmas!

E Enjoy! Embrace! Empower! Enhance! Energize! Envisage you wearing that stunning ensemble feeling absolutely Elated!
Are you missing the Eagerness to believe in a change?
Or the Enthusiasm that powers a success?
Would you put in more Effort if you were doing something important
for your daughter or a good friend?
Exciting isn’t it.. You know how to lose ten pounds by Christmas..

Do it for you!

This Page: Lose Ten Pounds By Christmas
was published on the 30th of September 2011. If you are reading this
page closer to Christmas you might want to set another time goal. My
message remains.. you know how to do this!

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