The Best Mascara, Luxurious Lashes for Mature Women

The Best Mascara
Luxurious Lashes for Mature Women

Choosing the best mascara
used to be easy but not any more. There are thousands out there mostly
geared to the very young market. Thicker than thick and blacker than
black with brushes that look more suitable to brush the dog than
applying mascara.

Our lashes change as we get older and if we don’t find out which mascara best suits our needs we might be tempted to give up. I hope these ideas will help you find the right one.

Formulas for short, sparse or thin lashes and

watery or sensitive eyes!

Mascara should be fluid and lightweight without visible lumps like the ones I have chosen here. The thicker the consistency the more difficult
it will be to apply. No problem for longer lashes but impossible for
short, straight ones. A very thick consistency can make even long lashes
look fake and caked.

If watery eyes are also a problem Lancome’s
L’Oreal Panoramic Curl Waterproof Mascara could be a solution. A fluid consistency with a supple lengthening result that allows time for another coat.

Long straight lashes!

What about longer lashes that are poker straight and not as thick as they were? Well first you need the right tools.. good eye lash curlers are a MUST! The best mascara for you is fluid and supple to help you curl the lashes upwards from the roots. Wiggle the brush into the roots and then curl slowly upwards.

The Yves Saint Laurent mascara Volume For Infini Curl volumizes and helps promote that upward curl movement that opens the
eyes. When you become skilled with lash curlers it is even possible to
use them a second time after mascara. (Advanced but works with practice!)

Make your lashes last longer!

Some of the high tech mascaras today are infused with ingredients that treat your eyelashes. Especially good for mature women who find their lashes have become thinner. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara
is designed to stimulate growth, make the lashes more supple and
ultimately last longer before falling out. New lashes grow whilst the
others are still in place. RESULT.. longer, thicker lashes.

Brushes for lashes, even tiny lashes

When choosing your best mascara take a good look at the brush. The
bigger it is the more difficult it will be to use. A thinner brush will
get every last lash and coat it too. This is what frames and accentuates the whole eye shape.

A brush that is quite unique and worth its weight in gold for us is the spherical brush from Givenchy’s
Phenomen’Eyes Waterproof Mascara This little brush demands a practice run before the big day but you will reach the tiniest hairs at the outer and inner corners of your eyes easily, yes I said easily. This one is not cheap but it’s exactly what we have been waiting for.

Sensitive eyes?

If you wear contact lenses your best mascara would be Lancome Definicils High Definition
which is a lengthening and volumizing mascara without the flaky bits.
All the Lancome mascaras are opthalmologist tested so you can be sure the ingredients won’t irritate your eyes.

I hear lots of
praise about this one from readers and friends who wear contact lenses or
have very sensitive eyes.

Colors for mature women

Colors are important, deepest black is great for evenings and candlelight but boy is it harsh in sunlight. Deepest brown or brown/black is softer and kinder
to the complexion and imperfections. Fashion colours won’t do us any
favours so don’t be tempted to match an outfit, leave the jazzy colors to those
gorgeous 20 something creatures!

3 Essentials for Making Eye Make up Easier!

  • Get a large magnifying mirror with suckers and fix it to a window where you have perfect daylight to aid your vision.
  • Have your eyelashes tinted so you can see every last one of them. You will need to find a beautician who can tint from the root to the tip of every last tiny lash. Not everyone has the time or patience today but tell her what you need and if you don’t get the results move on to the next salon.
  • Buy a set of cushioned eyelash curlers and learn to use them like an expert! I have put together some essential make up tools on this page.

With a little practice we can all make the most of our eyes.

Invest in the best mascara you can afford, try out all the tips and delight in your new found mature woman confidence and the compliments that go with it!

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