Bad Mood Swings and Where They Come From

Bad Mood Swings
Where Do They Come From?

Bad mood swings can be triggered by the food you eat every day!

As we get older knowing how food affects your mood is important so we have the energy and enthusiasm to enjoy all the new things in our lives.

Find out which foods affect you badly and why?

Read the short explanation about why certain foods can really cause a slump in your mood. Then take a look at the list and find out which ones are sabotaging your feelings.

No need to eliminate those foods. Just find ways to reduce the damage and put a smile back on your face!

Why Does it Happen?

Everything we eat affects the brain’s chemistry. Some foods cause a whopping high in sugar levels and soon after, a crash that leaves us irritable and moody.

Some are almost addictive, the more we eat the more we want. These are almost always the ones that cause the roller coaster effect in blood sugar levels too.

Others can increase appetite, make us jittery and likely to grab the next sugary snack.

Fact is our bodies use energy constantly monitoring and compensating for the highs and lows in blood sugar level.
The result is we feel tired and bad mood swings start and you already guessed…we grab the next snack and the whole cycle starts again.

The Culprits

These might be some of your favourite foods but don’t panic. We can look into reducing them to occasional enjoyable treats.

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Fried Foods
  • Fatty Foods
  • Sugary and Starchy Foods

Breaking the Cycle

We can keep our energy (blood sugar level) constant throughout the day by eating balanced meals. Introduce some good mood foods into your diet and watch your energy and enthusiasm soar.

Sweet Things

Don’t eliminate the sweet things in life. Try sharing one portion with your mate or making a no sugar treat instead.
Enjoy a few squares of good dark chocolate after dinner instead of a whole bar in the car on the way home from the supermarket.

Coffee/Water & Co

Treat your body to more water during the day and less coffee.
This page will help you understand Why Water Is Important for your health, your mood and more energy! Your skin will reward you with less wrinkles and better tone too.

Comfort in a Glass?

Is the wine really bringing you comfort or pain? Look inside and ask yourself, if what you might think is relaxing you, has become a vicious circle? Would you like to find out How To Stop Drinking Alcohol Forever?

Real Bread & Pasta

Give the whole grain bread and pasta a try. After a week you will really wonder how you ever ate the other stuff. They are nuttier, tastier and do your digestive system the world of good.

A small change to any of those debilitating cycles will make a difference to your mood. Keep a mood diary and write down what you eat and you will soon find out where those bad mood swings came from!. Keep it going and you will look better, feel better and maybe lose some weight onto the bargain.

In Definition of Wellness I talk about many other ways of improving the way we feel and experience life. Might be something you haven’t thought of, check it out!

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