Dieting Motivation: Enthusiasm on Auto Pilot

Dieting Motivation:
Enthusiasm on Auto Pilot!

Dieting motivation is the missing link between your effort and the younger looking, slim successful you.

You can overcome the situations that in the past always led to failure.

Here’s what happens:

  • First few days we’re on a mission..
  • 2nd week, we’re already feeling a little deprived.
  • 3rd week, we can just get into that red dress for the party…

and here’s where the saboteur takes over. Her name is Chatterbox and she is always there to give you the wrong information.

She can ruin almost anything!

Here she goes…

  • Just one glass of wine, be sociable!
  • The buffet looks delicious, they have worked so hard.
  • You have been good, just take a small plate.

It gets worse!

  • You can start again tomorrow.
  • Oops, you’ve blown it anyway.
  • You will probably never reach your goal.

You can change that today. Decide to put your dieting motivation on auto pilot and steer your way to the new slim confident you.

Turn your chatterbox into a real friend..

who encourages you with positive thoughts and solid motivation for losing weight.

It is very important to be clear that successful dieting is not a self imposed torture. It’s about making healthy food
to help you lose weight. You want to be slim and you are happy
with your decision. You are looking forward to fitting into all your
clothes again.

Make a list of all the rewards and benefits and how you
will feel when you stick to your healthy diet and lose weight. Turn the
list into positive phrases like the ones below and
begin every day with these thoughts or ones like them.

Give your Chatterbox a new positive dialogue!

  • I can eat anything I like and I’m making healthy choices.
  • Healthy food choices help me to lose weight
  • I feel so good when my clothes fit me again.
  • As my resolve get’s bigger my waistline gets smaller.
  • Why would I eat stuff that makes me fat, bloated and unhappy?
  • Nothing tastes as good as slim feels!

Work really hard at this, it’s your ammunition for the weak moments. It’s the map that takes you from one point to the next without detours. Be prepared and you can always decide to take the the right course.

Dieting motivation comes from thoughts of the rewards and benefits,
the desires we crave. Looking younger and more attractive. Fitting into a
stunning dress for a special occasion.

Keep your list of positive thoughts and look at them
often. Have some cards tucked into your purse to remind you again and
again of your goals.

This input takes a couple of days. You might feel silly in the beginning but very soon you will have your dieting motivation on auto pilot.

One very last suggestion..

especially for the older women among us like me. Try working on these positive thoughts as if you were helping someone else that you love very much. She wants to look gorgeous in a gown for a special occasion very soon but needs to lose some weight.

How would you motivate and support her? It’s amazing how much we are willing to put into helping our daughters, friends and colleagues.

Now do it for YOU!

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