Natural Mood Enhancers to Balance and Improve Your Mood

Natural Mood Enhancers
to Lift and Improve Your Mood

Natural Mood Enhancers can help balance and improve our mood.
Let’s look at what they are and how they work to make us feel better.

Problems and complications are part of everyday life and when we are feeling fit and upbeat it’s easy to cope most of the time.

But what about when we feel overwhelmed, irritable, gloomy, tired and plain bad tempered. It’s a downward spiral that can leed to illness, relationship problems and much more.

If you have felt like this and thought about taking an anti depressant why not read through this page first.


Balancing your moods can be as simple as discovering how you can make small changes in your life to avoid things that trigger bad moods and introduce other natural mood enhancers.

Some of the most important are food, exercise and sleep but there are a host of others too. You can get more information via the links.

Food and Mood

Today we know such a lot about food and what keeps us slim or makes us overweight. What we ignore is how food affects mood. By eliminating foods that cause massive slumps in blood sugar levels it’s possible to avoid mood swings and irritability. Simply eat yourself happy!

Walk Away From The Mood

Many mature women find a simple daily walk to be enough
to leave the mood swings behind them. Exercise releases feel good chemicals in the brain that naturally improve our mood. It can reduce weight, tone your body and boost self esteem.

Sleep Restores and Repairs

Between 11pm and 8am in the morning our body is in repair and restore mode. Whilst we sleep the system is recovering from the days stress. Lack of sleep can cause all manner of health issues including, weight gain, chronic fatigue and mood swings. If you are not sleeping well try eating lighter foods earlier in the evening and doing something relaxing for at least an hour before going to bed. If you have a serious sleep problem you could try an audio sleep remedy. I can personally recommend this method because I use it myself. Certainly worth looking at before taking a pill.

Water, Fresh Air and Sunshine…Natural Mood Enhancers

A slump in your mood could be a signal that you are dehydrated.

Most people don’t drink enough water. Why is Water Important at our age? Read the page and I promise you will be drinking more water tomorrow!

Water is a natural mood enhancer and 1.5 to 2 litres is a must especially for women in their 50s and 60s.

Think of your skin, it cannot stay supple without water!

Getting out in the fresh air and sunshine makes us feel free and happier too.

The suns rays cause the brain to produce more feel good chemicals and the fresh air lifts our shallow breathing and wakes us up.

Do Something Just Because it’s Fun

Read my page The Definition of Wellness and find new ways to feel good. Focusing your attention for a while on something nice is a natural mood booster, meet friends for lunch and a chat or go shopping. You can learn to breathe yourself into a better mood place with Pilates or Yoga.

A new skill or hobby is often enough to take your mind off worries and fears. Dancing, photography or painting bring out the positive creative side of us and close the door on moods. Try affirmations, aromatherapy remedies or get a massage. Search until you find what helps you to feel better.

There are lots of good books that can help you to understand more about where moods come from and what we can do to eliminate them and enjoy a balanced and happy life.

Our guest author Elle Bieling is a holistic nurse and healer. Her article Emotional Wellness highlights how emotions affect our body and how we can learn to listen to our body’s messages and find complete health and healing.

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