Improving Mood by Limiting Food that Works Against You

Improving Mood by Limiting
Foods that Work Against You

Improving Mood means eating less of the foods that work against you.

Comfort foods are not really our friends.

Limiting how much you eat of these foods will go a long way toward making you feel better.

Here’s why…

Many foods and drinks like those pictured below cause sudden spikes in the blood sugar level. The body compensates and the blood sugar level plummets lower than before we ate.

Our mood sinks and we feel the need to eat another comfort food or
take a big cup of coffee. This helps in the short term but we soon feel
jittery and need another fix.
These cycles are habit forming and the highs and lows play havoc with our mood.

When we know how food affects mood we can reduce the bad foods and replace them with healthy foods that release energy more slowly and keep our mood and energy level consistent. Just making a few changes to start will go a long way to improving mood.

Depressant in Disguise

It’s said that a glass of red or white wine is good for us but we need to remember that alcohol is a depressant.
It is a legal drug and has many more side effects than you might think. Whilst it’s great to party now and again, too many drinks too often can cause bad mood swings and ruin sleep patterns. We are much more likely to take a sugary snack or a fatty breakfast. There is a very interesting and compelling book by Jason Vale called How To Stop Drinking Alcohol. I have read it and can recommend it to anyone who has a problem with the daily tipple.

Good Fats or Bad?

Fried foods and fatty foods cause weight gain,
that’s bad enough on it’s own. But heart disease and a host of other
problems including lack of energy, digestive problems and bad mood
swings are also closely linked to bad fats.

If you are serious about improving mood then here is an excellent place to begin. Good fats are found in fish like salmon, herring, mackerel and tuna. Be careful to choose cooking methods that don’t add fat and also preserve the nutrients. Olive oil, nuts and avocados are powerful sources of good fats. Try to give these a regular place in your diet.

If eating fats has caused you to pile on the pounds get some tips on losing weight and resolve to eat yourself slim and happy!

Sweetest Misery

Sugary and starchy foods cause the highest peaks and the deepest
blood sugar crashes of all. In addition these high density carbs cause
us to want to eat even more of them.

Can anything make us more miserable than the waistband that we can’t sit down in? Sugar is addictive,
causes bad mood swings, weight gain and diabetes. If you are serious about
improving mood then try mango, berries, pineapple, yoghurt or a smoothie
as an alternative dessert.

Slow Food v Fast Food

Replace white rice, flour and pasta products with the whole grain variety. Brown rice, whole grain breads and pasta contain more fibre and less high density carbs. That means more energy and better mood. Vegetables are low density too, they provide fibre and all the
vitamins and antioxidants we need. They keep energy levels stable
because they take much longer to digest than cookies.

Comfort Food Becomes Less Important!

Read more about powerful anti aging foods that help us to stay young and healthy and find out what anti aging research has to say about the bad guys.. fat, sugar, salt, white flour and alcohol.

Don’t eliminate your favorite foods just keep them for special treats. There are many natural mood enhancers such as sleep, exercise, hobbies, sunshine and more. Aromatherapy mood booster fragrances can have a powerful lifting or calming effect on how you feel too.

Check out the Definition of Wellness for mature women and discover how many ways there are of improving mood and learning to just get more enjoyment out of life. You owe it to yourself!

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