How to Relieve Stress for Mature Women

How to Relieve Stress

How to relieve stress and turn things around!


Rule Number One!

Never say anything to yourself
that you wouldn’t say
to someone else.

Sums it up in a nutshell doesn’t it?
How often does your chatterbox talk you into a downward spiral?

Why does that happen?

Well, our thoughts are automatic 24/7

Often, very often actually, these thoughts are coloured by negative chatter going on in our heads, based on someone else’s opinion, or how we think we ought to be or even downright self sabotage.

  • Mostly positive thoughts are likely to make you deal with difficult or unpleasant situations in a positive and productive way.
  • Mostly negative thoughts can induce a landslide of worry, stress, negativity and symptoms of ill health.

Learning to think positive is not a head in the sand attitude it just means that you focus on a positive outcome and look out for ways to achieve it.

Have you identified yourself as a worrier?

Are you afraid most of the time?

You can begin now to take control of your chatterbox and turn some of those depressing thoughts around. You may think right now is not a good time, but the opposite is true. We get more of what we focus on so finding out how the Law of Attraction techniques work could help you have more positive thoughts and so influence your life in a positive way.

I have overcome many hardships in my life using positive thinking to relieve stress. Because I know how it feels and am still learning how to cope better, I have put together some simple suggestions that you can begin with. There may be lots of ways to relieve stress. This is one I can personally recommend.

Sometimes we know deep down how to relieve stress in a situation but cannot bring ourselves to consider making the change.
How do you say no to adult children when their demands for childcare or other assistance is taking it’s toll on you. Many loving grandmothers write to me about this question and I have devoted a page to my angle on learning to say no and the positive self empowering result.

Never under estimate the value of a balanced diet and some exercise and fresh air.
Including more good mood foods into your daily diet and cutting back on those that may be having an adverse effect can work wonders. Try it for a few weeks, you’ll be amazed.

Evening Rituals?

The evening drink that comes disguised as comfort can have serious adverse effects. Many older women find that a few glasses of wine in the evening can disrupt sleep and cause other unpleasant side effects. It might be worth looking into changing those evening rituals to see how much they really help. Experiment with these suggestions until you discover how to relieve stress in your life, your way!
Be good to yourself because you deserve to enjoy every moment.

Positive Friends?

Talk to friends who lead largely positive lives and let them show you how to be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life. Your grandchildren, your friends, partner, garden, last holiday whatever is close to your heart. This helps to get another perspective on a situation. Sometimes the most unlikely people and places can show you how to relieve stress.. stay open for your cue!

Our guest author Elle Bieling is a holistic nurse and healer. Her article Emotional Wellness highlights how emotions affect our body and how we can learn to listen to our body’s messages and find complete health and healing.

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