Learn how to Reduce Stress

How to Reduce Stress

Stress saps energy.

Learn how to reduce stress and watch your energy soar again.

Step one involves recognising your negative self talk.

Yes that’s the chatterbox in your mind that magnifies the negative aspects of a situation and leaves no room for anything positive. Your chatterbox tells you to take everything personally and lets you believe that people do not like you or you are not good enough.

Shut the Chatterbox up!

Fear is ever present in your mind and the chatterbox tells you the outcome will surely be the worst. This makes it hard to appreciate your own efforts and achievements.

You can learn how to reduce stress by recognising the negative self talk and changing it.

It’s like putting the driver
at the other end of the train!

There are many ways to reduce stress. This one will not make you optimistic and carefree overnight but you will feel the difference as soon as you begin to change your thoughts.

It’s really quite easy, just check up on yourself during the day and if the chatterbox is at it again, change the thought.

Put a positive spin on it…

  • I have never done this before… Its a new opportunity
  • I can’t do that… I am going to try.
  • This is too complicated… I’ll look at another angle.
  • I am too old for that… Maybe my experience is valuable.
  • No one stays in touch… I can get some communication going.
  • That will be too expensive… lets look at ways to do it cheaper

Learning how to reduce stress by managing your thoughts takes time but stay with it, read helpful books and articles and you will see an improvemnt very quickly! I have some favorite books that I refer to all the time. You can find them on my page about the law of attraction techniques. How to reduce stress by focusing on the outcome you desire and not on what you fear may happen. My tip.. practice the one minute meditation to find calm quickly. I have kept the variations very short and simple.


Lighten up and you might find it’s quite easy to change your thoughts and that you are coping much better. Stress will loosen it’s hold, you will feel better about the world around you. That’s when the world around you begins to respond differently to you! Just smile…

The late Lynne Grabhorn wrote in her book Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting about the power of positive feelings..

“Then follow your joy!
Go smell more roses, watch more sunsets, find more grass to walk barefoot on, visit more favourite restaurants, laugh more, find more places to explore, go to more ball games or plays, indulge in more hobbies, be more spontaneous, play more golf, listen to more music, find more places to skinny dip, smile more, have more fun!”

This book is an oldie that I read years ago but I still go back for a fun refresher occasionally!

An excellent method of reducing stress and shaking off these negative thoughts is to take a walk A little exercise and some fresh air can work like magic on your mood. Sometimes
improving mood might be just a matter of finding out which foods work against you and limiting them. Eating more good mood foods can stabilise your energy levels and make you feel better in no time. Did you know that fragrance can enhance your mood. Aromatherapy candles or
fragrant essential oils wafting from a diffuser can create a sense of calm and wellbeing.

One last thought.. If your stress is partly due to an inability to say no when loved ones relentlessly demand your help with childcare, finances and other duties you might find help at
Learning to say no
Discovering how ro reduce stress your way means opening up to the most unlikely sources of inspiration and diversion. Lighten up and tap into your forgotten potential and have some fun!
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