Walking for Weightloss, Health and Fitness

Walking for Weightloss, Fitness
and Health

When you’re walking for weightloss, fitness and health.

Every Step Counts!

This is the message behind the book

Pedometer Walking by the Walking Guru, Mark Fenton.

Mark is known by walkers and anyone who has ever thought about walking, through his best selling books The Complete Guide to Walking and Walking Through Pregnancy He has hosted the “America’s walking” TV show and written innumerable articles in health and fitness magazines and newspapers.

Pedometer Walking: Stepping Your Way to Health, Weight Loss, and Fitness

For this book he has teamed up with Professor of Exercise Science David Basset Jr.
Their combined knowledge and experience has produced a well written book that will inspire you to walk today.
Then with tips and tricks tomorrow a few steps more and then some more… until it becomes as natural as brushing your teeth!

6 Week Programme

On their 6 week programme of walking for weightloss, health and fitness, the goal is to reach 10.000 steps per day.

Sounds formidable to the uninitiated, but then Mark and David break it up into interesting and walkable steps.
The first being to throw light on the step counting device.
The pedometer, how it works, what it can help us to achieve and how to wear it.

Goal? 10.000 Steps

Then on to establishing how many steps we normally take in a day. Here’s where experience shows in the number of ways suggested to increase those daily steps and make them a permanent part of your lifestyle.

Mark´s enthusiasm is infectious when talking about adding a walk or lots of short walks to push up our daily step total and getting us ever closer to the magic 10.000 steps. When there…
yes you guessed, it’s time to increase the speed!
In this section we learn how to speed up the safe way and increase cardio fitness and burn those calories.

Suitable for All Fitness Levels

This walking for weightloss, fitness and health programme is suitable for anyone, even those who are very over weight or well below the basic fitness level.
Talk to your doctor first and then if you need to build up more slowly just take your time, you will be surprised how soon your fitness improves.
Main thing is to take the “stick to it” tips to heart and make walking for fitness, health and weightloss part of your life.

Read this book and make walking work for you!

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