Facial Plastic Surgery, From Motivation to Transformation

Facial Plastic Surgery
A Guiding Hand

Fabulous Faces: by Dr. Peter Adamson.

From Motivation to Transformation through Facial Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Adamson is an Otolaryngologist — Head and Neck Surgeon,
practicing in facial plastic surgery.

Ever noticed how the right book always presents itself at the right moment?

I am 62 and as you all know, lead a pretty healthy lifestyle. Eating a healthy anti aging diet, exercising, drinking lots of water and using a sunscreen whenever I am outside are just a few of my daily habits. All with the goal of reaching a ripe old age and postponing the lines and wrinkles that make us look older than we are and even worse, older than we feel.

I was always very grateful for my slim facial features because even when I put on a few pounds the first impression of me was quite slim.
Ah.. nothing lasts forever and now it seems it’s the turn of the chubbers to enjoy their advantage. My slim features now have a slightly gaunt look which when I am tired can make me look years older.
What concerns me though more than anything, is what’s happening to my eyes. The crepey skin and the fold of the lid sitting almost on top of the lashes and pushing down is depressing. Never thought I would be thinking about facial plastic surgery and yet.. here I am wishing my eyes looked different. I am not tired and I don’t feel old! I just want to see my eyes open and I want to enhance them with lovely make up effects as I have always done.

Fabulous Faces:
fell into my hands about 6 months after I began considering an eye lift. It is as if someone knew that I didn’t have a clue about facial plastic surgery and placed it where I couldn’t miss it. I opened the book and began to read and didn’t want to put it down. It soon became clear that this was a road map for people like me who are considering a journey to somewhere they have never been before and only just begun to think it might be possible.

At 62 I am usually pretty confident about my decisions but this book knows my thoughts and fears about plastic surgery. The author Peter A Adamson, M.D. understands what sort of result older women are looking for. They don’t want to look 30 they just want to look like a refreshed version of themselves. He is also very clear on the wrong reasons for choosing surgery. Facial surgery can enhance the features even give you back a more youthful, fresh appearance but it cannot heal a relationship or turn you into a film star.
Wonderful, so why do we put it off? Former patients recall their thoughts of guilt, embarrassment, fear of disapproval, fear of being considered vain or even perhaps something going wrong and we can resonate.

The stages that lead up to making a final decision are carefully discussed and augmented with patient stories. Is plastic surgery right for you? Which treatment or combination of treatments will create the best and most natural result? How to find the right Surgeon and how to recognize a clinic or Doctor who for various reasons might not be right for you.

Which treatment to choose.. there are obviously hundreds of techniques. The tour of various aspects of face lifts is simple to understand and answers many of my questions. We find out what happens at consultations and about what there is to do to prepare for surgery, again with tips from real patients some of them in their 60s who have been there.

But, what we all want to know is.. “how does it feel after surgery?” and here what we can expect, is outlined and endorsed by patients who have undergone one of the various surgeries. It seems the best preparation ensures the best results and Dr. Anderson and his staff leave nothing to chance. Although the whole experience is different from patient to patient it seems all of them are united when asked if they would do it again.

It’s a resounding yes! Patients talk of feeling better about themselves, of enjoying life again with renewed confidence and of finding the world reacts differently to us when we are happy with ourselves. Whether we like it or not our self esteem is inextricably bound up with our image. If we look good we feel good and suddenly the world is a better place.
For whatever reason you might be considering facial plastic surgery I recommend that you read this book. Find out about where you are going, what happens there and who will hold your hand. Use the wisdom and experience in this book to make the right decisions so you can fully enjoy the transformation you have been dreaming about!

See you there!

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