Step Counter Pedometer, Simple and Reliable for Mature Walkers

A Step Counter Pedometer
can Motivate You to be More Active

Your step counter Pedometer can motivate you to:

  • Increase Your Activity Level
  • Begin to Lose Weight Easily
  • Feel Better than You Thought Possible…

The Pedometer is a remarkably simple but powerful motivater to get fit and lose weight at Any Age!

Find out walking women look better, feel better and probably live a longer, healthier life! Your little step counter pedometer is your greatest ally on this mission!

How many steps do you take in a day?

Simply wear a pedometer for a day and see how many steps you take and the distance you cover. That’s walking, shopping, housework and up and down the stairs.

Then challenge yourself to up that number of steps each day or week by adding more activity. Simple but effective, all the motivation you need to encourage you to get out there, speed up metabolism lose that weight and get fit!

It’s a good idea to find out more about the different types of pedometer and how a pedometer works before investing. The cheapest types click at each step, which is annoying and they tend to be innacurate after a while. The best step counter pedometer can either be fixed to your waistband or worn on the wrist like a watch.

I had two very inexpensive pedometers before buying one to wear on my wrist which I am very happy with. Your choice will really depend on whether you are commited to walking, long term and of course how much you can afford to spend.

Omron HJ-151 Hip Pedometer for Aerobic Activity

Tech4o Accelerator Women’s Fitness – Watch

This Techno4 pedometer is available in lots of lovely colors but also different prices.. this is the lowest I found.

Need Someone to hold your hand?

Pedometer Walking: Stepping Your Way to Health, Weight Loss, and Fitness

In his Book Pedometer Walking Mark Fenton provides all the information and encouragement you will need to complete his 6 week health, fitness and weightloss programme and make walking a permanent part of your life.

Besides background on the step counter and how it works there’s lots of tips on how to increase your daily activity, boost speed and reach your daily 10.000 step goal. A clear pathway to a healthier, slimmer you!

Leslie Sansone Walk at Home-Walk Your Belly Flat

Oh Shame it’s Raining!

No excuse! But perfect opportunity to mix some other dynamic moves into your walking plan and work on the major problem zone – the abdominal muscles or lack thereof:) All these steps count and the calories burned will have an effect on the whole body.

As we get older the unfirm belly area is a major concern. Why not try out this great DVD and work on your belly to great music and the infectious enthusiasm of Leslie Sansone. Check out the short trailer from Walk Your Belly Flat

Remember to wear your step counter everyday and use your imagination to raise your step goal as often as possible until being active becomes your slimmer way of life!

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