Anti Aging Exercises to Stay Lovely Longer

Anti Aging Exercises to Banish the Belly!

Anti Aging Exercises can:

  • make you look taller and slimmer
  • energise you
  • give you back your strength
  • return youthful suppleness to neck and knees
  • and allow you to run if you see George Clooney getting out of a limousine!

Pot belly, shoulder slouch, weak muscles, stiffness in neck and other joints, shortness of breath and total lack of gusto are all symptoms of aging. Right?

In her book Age-Defying Fitness professor of physical therapy Marilyn Moffat PhD tells us that the problems we always thought were down to age… are not.

Influencing the Aging Process

Yes, changes take place in our bodies as we get older but the right kind of anti aging exercises can postpone or even reverse these changes.

Many of our ailments are also induced by our sedentary lifestyle she says, but our bodies react quickly to a different approach to exercise.

Marilyn divides the areas where we should be paying special attention at this stage in our lives into 5 categories.

  • Posture
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • and Endurance

She invites us to assess our physical performance to establish where to focus our anti aging exercise efforts. Simple quick tests show just how fit or unfit we are in each categorie. Can be a surprise!

Age Defying Fitness

Based on the test a personalised programme of age defying exercises can be put together to work on that pot belly or restore the suppleness to the neck or any other combination.

Marilyn and her Co Author Carol Lewis say we must encourage ourselves to exercise but there is lots of encouragement and daily tips and energizing ideas in the book too.

The exercises are simple stretching and strengthening movements. Some with the Thera band which is included with the book.

Wrist and ankle weights and a chair for balance are the only other equipment necessary.

Age Defying Fitness

Marilyn’s exercises target arms, legs, neck and trunk all aimed at stretching, strengthening and improving posture which in turn leads to better breathing and more energy. Apparently the stiffness in our joints is down to the collagen becoming less pliable with age.

No really!

Anyway we can hang on to our suppleness longer if we do some flexibility exercise as often as possible.

So what are we waiting for?

Endurance and aerobic fitness is what Marilyn is passionate about. At 61 she follows a rigorous exercise routine alongside a very busy life with multiple jobs and responsibilities.

She is a master of multi tasking and passes on lots of tips on how to stretch and strengthen whilst doing something else, for instance talking on the phone and she recommends leaving your weights to hand to do a few lifts at any available moment.

Seems we will only stay young and supple when exercising becomes as natural as brushing our teeth!

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