Walking Exercise and Why it’s so Good for Mature Women

Walking Exercise
Why it’s so Good for Mature Women

Walking exercise can keep us fit and help us lose weight but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Most of us see “natural aging” as the cause of stiffness, decreased mobility and loss of muscle mass and tone. What do you say to yourself when you have trouble getting off your knees?

Fact is.. all those things are preventable with relatively mild but regular exercise and a healthy diet

Walking exercise is a natural 1st option.

  • It fits easily into any daily routine.
  • You save fuel and transport costs.
  • You get to breathe fresh air and enjoy the scenery.
  • And it’s free!

Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds Ultimate Collection

You don’t have to walk fast. Scientific evidence shows that walking one mile in 15 minutes burns the same calories as running 1 mile in 8 1/2 minutes.

The exercise benefits that you will experience almost immediately are improved muscle tone, better posture and weightloss. Higher energy levels, better mood and improved sleep.

Major health benefits of walking exercise include lowering your risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke and a host of other age related illnesses.

Walk Away The Pounds is a collection of previously released best-selling walking workouts by Leslie Sansone. There is a 1, 2, 3 and 4 mile workout complete with advice on posture, and stretching.

The more advanced also have some additional moves to strengthen and tone muscles. An excellent guide to walking exercise with masses of encouragement and inspiration to help speeding up metabolism.

Makes sense to begin right away!

Omron Pocket Pedometer

You’ll need a pair of good walking shoes. An inexpensive pedometer is a good idea, you will know how many steps you have walked so you can aim to do more next week. The Omron works in your pocket and tells you how many steps you have walked in the last minutes, hours, per day and week. The calories you have burned and the distance covered. Not bad for under $25.

If you want to splash out, choose a pedometer/heart rate monitor to wear on your wrist. The heart rate monitor will keep you aware of your effort so you don’t overdo it in the beginning. You will also be able to monitor the effect your “walking for fitness” is having on your heart and condition as the weeks and months go by.

Some Tips to keep You Going!
Choose somewhere nice for your walking exercise and plan to walk for 20 minutes. Increase the length of the walk slowly week by week and change the location occasionally so you won’t get bored. Alter your speed for short spurts and enjoy the slowing down again afterwards.

Swing your arms to incorporate your upper
body and burn more calories. Pulling in your tummy muscles will help to strengthen them too but if you need more work in that direction take a look at these abdominal exercises

Always pay attention to your posture. If you look ahead instead of down you will see more and perfect your posture at the same time. Walking will help shape and tone your legs but a little spot training for the inner/outer thighs is very effective too!These moves are excellent for building strength and balance, very important as we get older.

Get home, feel proud that you started and resolve to go again tomorrow.
The exercise benefits you see now will multiply over the years. What better investment!

Just a word of advice

  • Don’t skimp when choosing walking shoes.
  • Always take water with you.
  • Wear something that can be seen easily.
  • Don’t do too much.

You know if you over-do it today, you won’t want to go tomorrow!

What if it’s raining? Rebounding is great fun, it’s simple and burns calories like running a marathon! There’s more about mini trampoline exercise and it’s numerous health benefits than at first meets the eye. It can be very gentle or quite vigorous exercise, an excellent replacement for walking exercise.

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