Experience Your Good Now

Experience Your Good Now

Experience Your Good Now!

It’s the Now! that is so compelling in this title.

In her new book Louise Hay wants us to know that..

  • It’s never too late
  • no need to put it off till tomorrow
  • Now is the best moment for change

We can change anything in our life now!

Louise talks about taking responsibility for our experience, good and not so good and changing it.

I think that global economy, natural disasters, terrorism, our personal difficulties and those of our friends and families have turned us into global grumblers. We do it all the time, even perfect it as a kind of competition.

Experience Your Good Now!

Louise believes that by repeating these beliefs day in day out we are drawing more of those situations into our lives. If someone else were doing this to us we would do something about it wouldn’t we?

When we finally realise It’s me, I’m doing this!

The idea that we can change is very appealing.

Louise explains the power of affirmation.
Gives us invaluable tips to get started on a new way to talk about the things we want in our lives.
How to use affirmations to turn around unwanted situations in areas of health, emotions, addictions, wealth, love and intimacy.
Fear, aging and forgiveness are also areas where the author offers helpful ways to stay with our new affirmations and manifest our dreams.

I first began reading Louise Hay in 1993 after undergoing a mastectomy. Slowly but surely the truth about my beliefs and how I saw things became clear to me.
Louise’s You Can Heal Your Lifeinspired new courage in me and changed my life. I am grateful to still be here today to tell the story.

This beautiful new book by Louise Hay is one to keep going back to for encouragement. It’s comforting and small enough to have with you everywhere you go to remind you to stay with the project and…

Experience Your Good Now!

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