New Makeup Ideas For Older Women

New Makeup Ideas for Older Women!

In a mature women makeup rut?

Need new makeup ideas, application techniques and someone who understands your concerns?

Then Lois Joy Johnson and Sandy Linter have written Makeup Wakeup with you in mind.

As a celebrity makeup artist Sandy Linter knows every trick in the book for using makeup to achieve a youthful appearance, camouflage imperfections and highlight a woman’s best features. Her friend and colleague Lois Joy Johnson former beauty and fashion editor for More magazine is acutely aware of women’s beauty worries and lack of know how especially as they get older.

The idea for this wonderful book came to them as they realized that women get into a makeup rut usually around 40. It’s a time when all the usual routines are not producing the right effect any more. We all know that it’s then we begin making expensive mistakes and feeling unhappy about the way we look. The makeup industry and magazines don’t help and we feel invisible. as all advice is directed at younger women.

This book is designed to come to the rescue and fill the gap in makeup understanding for older women. There’s advice on how to deal with age spots, sagging lids, thin lips and drooping cheeks. Tips on how to buy the right products, choosing textures and colors and application know how.

The makeup ideas are illustrated on naked faces to show exactly the new skills we need to learn and although the 40+ woman is mentioned often these tips make as much sense at 60 as 40 years old. There are some things we probably won’t need any more like false eye lashes but for that we find a list of suggestions throughout the book for topping up our makeup kit with essential mature makeup tools.

Probably the most useful page for all of us is the guide to the morning routine with makeup ideas essential for getting us off to a confident start.
Looks a little more detailed than it did when blush and lippy were enough but these ladies really understand what we need to…

Wakeup Our Makeup!

The introduction to this book is written by Bette Midler.
If Bette likes it, I’m thinking we will too!

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