Finding Motivation to Achieve Your Goal

Finding Motivation

It really is the tricky part…
Finding motivation that will keep you on track until you reach your goal.

  • Do you want a healthier life style?
  • Maybe lose some weight or get back in shape?
  • Are you afraid of the health risks of living with stress?
  • Perhaps you just want the satisfaction
    that everything in your wardrobe fits!

Whatever it is you are struggling to achieve..

Make today the day you decide to go for it!

There are many types of motivation. They all begin with a
Amazingly thats the first hurdle because we won’t admit exactly what we want. At 50 or 60 we have forgotten the dream, it seems too big or silly. Sit down and think about or write about what it is that you really want.

Paint that dream in your mind
with vivid colours.

If you want to lose some weight be honest…You would love to be really slim again like when you last wore that red dress to the
Christmas dinner at work. Imagine people asking you how you manage to stay so slim when all your peers are slowly filling out.

Your dream is your most important project.


Your attitude should be one of a highly paid project leader.

Taking our example dream of being beautifully slim. The first step in finding motivation is getting really inspired. Find out eveything you can about successful weightloss, toning up, nutrition, exercise.
Learn how to lose up to 5 lbs in 1 week!

Which pieces are likely to work best for you? Put your best foot forward and begin a really healthy diet if that is the easiest part.Then look at the remaining factors, could you walk two or three times a week?
Apart from burning calories there are countless health benefits. Exercise relieves stress and leaves you in a more optimistic mood. To make it more fun, buy yourself a
pedometer and motivate yourself to go that extra mile.
Begin with 3,000 steps per day and add more until you reach the
optimal 10,000.

People with a dream
act differently to other people.
They radiate energy and a sense of purpose.

What about a “juice day” on Sunday to give the weight loss a boost? What else would help?
Be ever on the lookout for new ways that suit you.
What about a boot camp, marathon training, salsa lessons, be
creative, think out of the box. No boring diets for you.

Getting involved with everything that could help you reach your goal and enjoy the journey. Put lots of ideas together in your new strategy. Thoughts on daily motivation. The strong ones will help finding motivation for the weaker ones. See yourself slipping into that great red dress and loving the way you look.

Reward yourself for overcoming the setbacks with a luxurious new mascara, a stunning hairstyle or some highlights. Focus on your dream. Be so involved with your dream and achieving it that your chatterbox can’t get a word in edgeways! Call up your slim friends and meet for a salad.

Leave the chubbers on the sofa watching TV.

Be prepared for difficult moments. Have a plan and bounce back after going off track. If one part of your strategy simply doesn’t work change it. No beating yourself up.

Be creative and set up the game so you can win!

Write to me and let your success story inspire other women to put themselves first and achieve their dreams.

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