Anti Aging Research uncovers our worst enemies!

Anti Aging Research
Uncovers Our Worst Enemies!

Is your diet aging you on a day to day basis?

Anti aging research shows that many of our complaints and our grumps are down to diet and not to simply getting older.

If you suffer with aches and pains, dry eyes, dull skin, wrinkles, moodiness or lack of energy take a look at the list below and see where you might make some changes.

Not everything and not over night.

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Even small changes can benefit your health,
your skin and your mood.

Go on, take a look!

  • SUGAR: and ingredients ending in “ose” e.g. dextrose, maltose, are all sugar. A non nutritive, empty calorie that robs the body of vitamins and minerals. Sugar creates inflammation in skin cells, damages the collagen and creates free radicals that cause skin damage.
    It raises the insulin level in blood depressing the immune system. It causes weight gain, damages teeth and is very habit forming.
  • WHITE BREAD/WHITE RICE: like sugar they are empty calories, cause insulin peaks possibly diabetes and weight gain.
  • CAKES/BISCUITS: sugar and white flour all empty calories with all of the above risks.
  • SALT: causes the body to retain water, is linked to high blood pressure, osteoporosis, stomach cancer and other health problems.
  • HYDROGENATED FATS: margarine, trans fats and saturated fats cause weight gain and a host of health problems.

  • FIZZY DRINKS: E numbers e.g. sodium benzoate (recently in the press again) and artificial sweeteners are bad for the teeth and share many of the above risks.
  • COFFEE: can raise blood pressure, is diuretic, plays havoc with the metabolism and can keep you awake.

A bit scary huh?

Make the easy changes and tackle the more difficult ones a bit at a time. Focus on your vision, the thing you want e.g. better skin or losing weight rather than the thing you don’t want, cake and all the empty calories that come with it.

My partner has a very sweet tooth and I… well I still like my glass of wine in the evening. We aim for the 80% 20% scenario and that seems to work pretty well.

Life is supposed to be fun!

One final thing we all knew before anti aging research
pointed a finger at it……

What can I say?

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