One Minute Meditation for Older Beginners

One Minute Meditation
Quick Path to Calm and Relaxation

Choose one of the variations of the one minute meditation and take the first simple step to a calmer you! An excellent anti aging therapy!


What is meditation?

The word meditation can be intimidating to some people as it conjures different images in their heads. Some may think of people sitting in the lotus position for hours or days chanting mantras and mystic words.

Others may see ancient rituals that hold religious significance. Some even say.. Prayer is when we talk to God, but meditation is when we listen. Whatever your notions, the one minute meditation is simply a way to receive the benefits of silence and stillness.

There are many, many theories on how to meditate, and it is true that some forms can require years of practice to become proficient. Beginner meditation does not require you to commit to any form of meditation. Simply commit yourself to finding a few moments to reconnect with yourself, and become quiet.

How to begin..

There are a few simple ways to receive the health benefits of meditation as well to relieve stress .. all anti aging assets. These do not require days on a mountain top, island seclusion, or a guru to direct you. You can add that later. Simply taking a few measures to provide yourself with some space, and a small chunk of time, a calm state of meditation can be achieved in a minute.

Basically a one minute meditation means simply finding a quiet space. By this I mean an empty house, an empty church sanctuary, someplace where there is no sound. Whether you sit or stand, simply close your eyes and listen to the silence.

As you do this, breathe slowly and rhythmically. You may choose to say something repeatedly like, this time is for me or I am completely at peace. Perhaps you will repeat a prayer or simply say Thank you. You may also focus on a loved one or grandchild and simply imagine sending them love. Even spending one minute thinking of something positive or sending love to someone is of profound benefit.

Breath calm into your body

One form of beginner meditation is a simple process called progressive meditation. Sit or lie down for maximum benefit. Start by taking a few deep breaths and focus on your feet. Imagine as you inhale, your breath goes all the way to your feet. As you exhale, say, My feet are completely relaxed. Then move up to your calves, and repeat the process. Inhale into the body part, exhale and say My calves are relaxed.Proceed up to your legs, hips, chest, hands, arms, neck, face, and head. If your mind wanders, gently guide it back into the task at hand.

Create an image in your mind

Visualization is another way to create a one minute meditation. Simply find a quiet space and close your eyes. Visualize a beautiful space that you truly enjoy such as the beach. Picture yourself on a beautiful walk in your chosen space. As you walk, connect with what you see, feel, and hear. Try to connect as vividly as possible to the things you enjoy. It is your creation so add any positive detail you wish. Your body responds physically to what the mind experiences. If your mental picture is strong enough, your body will feel as if you were truly there. The law of Attraction techniques work on this same principle.

Use your senses

Sensory connection is another way to achieve a meditative state. Find a space you enjoy and feel at peace. Start with your eyes open and begin to slow your breathing. Gaze around you and see the colors and sights and simply observe what you observe. Then close your eyes and start to connect with what you smell. Try to really separate all the small nuances and aromas of what you sense. Then move to your hearing. What do you hear?

Then move onto what you feel on any part of your body such as the wind, temperature, your clothes, and the ground upon which you stand. This inventory of your senses pulls you out of the mental chatter and connects you to where you are.

More advanced forms of meditation focus on trying to eliminate virtually all words and thoughts going on in your head.
This simplified type of relaxing and therapeutic one minute meditation, will help you quickly achieve peace and may be the beginning of a very relaxing and calming anti aging process.

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