Eye Make Up Ideas for Mature Women

Eye Make Up Ideas for Mature Women

These Eye make up ideas are designed with women of our age group in mind. Our skin has changed and the eye lids have become droopy or crepey, lashes less full and there’s increasing darkness around the eyes.

We need some inspired input on applying eye make up. Which tools? How? What kind of eye shadows and most important of all which colors?

Some simple but very definite rules ..

  • Matching eye shadow to your outfit is so old fashioned.
  • Heavy eyeliner looks hard and makes eyes small and tired!
  • Eye shadows in bright colours look awful on crepey eye lids and sparkly or glitter shadows should be binned.

Let’s begin with..

Preparing the Canvas

Protect the delicate eye area with an anti aging eye cream or
gel. Use a lighter one under make up for daytime and a rich cream or
serum at night when the skin is in repair mode.

The first and most important step is learning to use concealer. The brightening effect on the whole face is amazing.

Try a yellowy toned concealer to diminish dark circles under eyes and in the inner sockets above the nose. Here are my tips on applying make up
for coverage if you haven’t used concealer before. You can try out the
colors and textures at the beauty counter or experiment with this low
price concealer kit below.

Brushes & Co

The right make up tools are a must but need not be expensive.

You’ll find a whole range of brushes for brows and eyeshadow plus eyelash curlers, magnifying mirrors and lots more at my

Online Beauty Spot USA or Online beauty Spot UK & EU

Silky Matt Shadows

When choosing eye shadows go for two soft matt
colors that compliment each other, one light and one darker. The new fine milled powder shadows
are gentle and velvety, very kind to crepey skin. Best colors are
soft browns, beige, khaki, sand and taupe.

The soft non-scratchy Clarins Eye Pencil has a smudging sponge for easy blending of color close to the lashes.

  • Dust on the lighter color in a wide, wedge shape from the outside to the inner corner of your eyelid.
  • Blend in the slightly deeper shade close to your eye lashes.
  • Take a very soft eye liner pencil, like the one from Clarins pictured and draw a line from the outer corner along close to the lashes and into the inner corner.
  • Then smudge the outer corner into a softer, wider line.
  • To finish, you can highlight the brow bone with a bone colored eye shadow to optically lift the brow.

Eye Shadow Palette Caviar and Bubbles under $10!


If you are experimenting with these eye make up ideas and choosing colors, buy the
cheapest you can find. The textures and holding power won’t be the same
but you can find out which colors really make your eyes pop! Then invest
in the luxury version. Use it, love it and take it with you everywhere!

Open Your Eyes!

Eyelash curlers are an indespensible tool. They open the eyes
by curling the lashes upwards so they can be seen. Straight or downward
looking lashes close the eyes and make eyes appear smaller. Learn to use
an eyelash curler and you will be amazed at the difference.

Next, one or
two coats of luxurious mascara, only apply very lightly on the lower lashes and the magic is complete. Which mascara? You can find the answers to the best mascara for your needs, short, sparse or straight lashes here!

How long is it since you included your eyebrows in your make up routine? Don’t neglect them! Pick up some tips on how to make up brows and lashes to add definition to sparse eyebrows.

Never been good at make up?

If you have never been able to master the magic of make up and need more than these eye make up ideas then this 10 Step make Up Guide could just what you need.. Take a look!

You can find solutions for thin lips, enlarged pores, my best facial redness treatment and lots of other anti aging beauty problems on these pages, just take a look around.

I hope these eye make up ideas inspire you to experiment with your make up to draw attention to the eyes, not the less than perfect eyelids. Subtle but stunning!

Experiment until it works for you!

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