Refining Enlarged Pores of Very Mature Skin

Refining Enlarged Pores in Very Mature Skin

There’s hope for all those who believed that enlarged pores are another symptom of aging that we just have to accept.
I believe the appearance of pores can be reduced, dull skin changed and black heads avoided at any age!

Understanding what causes enlarged pores
is the first step to refining them.

become enlarged when they get clogged with traces of make up, natural
oils, general dirt and dead skin cells. Black heads are what happens
when the surface sebum oxidises. Plus as we get older the lack of
collagen reduces the bounce and suppleness of the skin making the pores
appear larger.

Below is my battle plan for refining pores, increasing cell renewal and promoting collagen production. A simple skin care routine with one or two essential products suitable for very mature skin, and some tips to keep your skin clear and bright and reduce enlarged pores.
Keep this routine in place from now on, day and night, when ever or
where ever you happen to be and you will soon see a difference.

The key is deep cleansing

The good old fashioned steam facial
is perfect for this. Pour very hot water into a bowl and place your
face over the steam. Cover your head with a towel and relax for a few
minutes. This will loosen the debris caught within the pores and provide the perfect opportunity to exfoliate. Raise your head and using a gentle exfoliator,
massage in small circles particularly over nose, forehead and around
the mouth where enlarged pores are predominant. Avoid areas across
cheeks if skin is red and sensitive. This process will gradually remove the glue that clogs the pores. Rinse with a face cloth and lots of warm water. Finish with cold.

What not to do!

can steam your face once per week but don’t over do it as steam can
cause redness and broken capillaries. Don’t be tempted to squeeze pores
afterwards as this is also a sure fire way to break the small veins in
the surface of the skin. Remember our skin at 60 is thinner and more delicate so always treat it gently and be patient. You will need to repeat this treatment every week to get good results.

Get the Gorgeous Glow Back!

is the perfect time to use a serum with AHA (alpha hydroxy acids of
which the most common in skin care is alpha glycolic acid) which is a
gentle peeling agent.

This helps to remove dead skin cells and
promote cell renewal but again, go slowly. Sometimes skin can be a bit
sensitive so apply the serum every other day and if your skin does not react then you can use it every day. Remember, when you use a cream with AHA you must use a sunscreen with at least SPF 15+ to protect the new skin that is revealed when the old cells are removed.

Whilst the weekly steam facial is the centre of this treatment the everyday morning and evening cleansing routine is all important too. cleanse with a face cloth, warm water and an anti aging cleansing cream. Do it twice at night if you have been wearing a lot of make up or sun screen which can be very heavy.

Some Tips!

  • Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated and supple.
  • Reduce alcohol, it’s known to increases the size of pores.
  • Don’t spend too much time in direct sunlight and always wear a high factor sun screen.
  • To reduce the appearence of enlarged pores under your make up, try using a make up face primer.
    It works like magic to smooth skin texture and tone so your make up
    goes onto an even surface and doesn’t sink into open pores. Experiment
    with an inexpensive product, you’ll be hooked in no time!

open pores need not be an expensive treatment routine but it must be
regular to see good results. To help you choose the right product and
avoid expensive mistakes, get to know the ingredients to look for and how they work on very mature skin.

are effective pore refining products that I know are suitable for older
skin in all price ranges. And because they are not the only things we
want to buy I have put them into three categories Budget, Treat and
Investment, you choose.

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