Thin Lips to Fuller Lips: My Tips For The Older Woman

Thin Lips to Fuller Lips!
My Tips for the Older Woman

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Make those thin lips a thing of the past..

They are just another unexpected and unwelcome symptom of getting older but for this one we have lots of answers!

What causes our lips to gradually lose volume is the lack of
collagen. The bone above the teeth starts to shrink back compounding
the problem and lower blood flow leaves them looking paler.

All no problem because the solutions are endless from budget quick fixes to luxury treatments. We can plump, smooth, add color and gloss, reshape and recreate the pout..

My Scoop on Fuller Lips!

Starting with Make up.

A little flair in this department can deceive the eye and make thin lips appear fuller. Begin with an exfoliant and moisturizer to soften and smooth. Learn how to use a lip primer
and foundation to blot out an uneven shape and create a fuller one with
a soft lip pencil. Fill with anti aging lipstick in a fresh color that
adds plumpness and finish with a skillfully placed spot of gloss to suggest roundness. Learn the exact make up technique on the page for Younger Lips It takes just a few minutes when you have a little practice.

Precious Plumping

This solution works like magic and lasts until the clock strikes 12!
Lip Plumpers
work instantly and come in the form of lip gloss or balm that tingles
and induces minor swelling of the lip tissue. The active ingredient is
often capsicum (found in peppers) or cinnamon which cause blood vessels
to dilate, resulting in mild swelling, turning thin lips into fuller lips with more color. Perfect fullness, very effective but sadly only temporary!

Fullness Factor, Fillers!

Adding a little volume to thin lips is very popular today. A good doctor can achieve a very natural effect with an injectable filler such as Restylane or Juvederm. Video below. The treatment can be used in the body of the lips for fullness or around the lip line to enhance the shape
and even to smooth out tiny vertical lines around the mouth.
A local anesthetic is used and recovery is quick. It’s important though
to choose the right practitioner and make sure you both are clear on
the desired effect.

Cinderella Effect!

If you would love to go to the ball but can’t make a final decision you can opt for a treatment with a 48 hour effect.
Sometimes called Cinderella Lips this treatment achieves the same
fullness and effect with an injection of saline. It’s a great way of
testing the water to see if you like the look. Or use it like many celebrities, just for the Big Night!

A very good 4 minute video of a Restylane Lip Enhancement. Please do not watch this video if you are sensitive to watching injections etc.