How to Make Up Brows and Lashes

How to Make Up Brows and Lashes

Raising Eyebrows!

How to make up brows seems a bit of a mystery and it’s a shame that
as we get older our eyebrows become so sparse that we often give up.

One look at a beautiful celebrity tells us how important eyebrows are.

Perfect arches
lift and open up the eyes, so they should not be neglected. However
sparse and unruly they have become we can turn them into an asset. Here’s how…

You will need..

Tweezers and an eyebrow brush plus a
soft eyebrow pencil like the one below in a color that matches your
brows. A powder shadow in the same color with a small, flat, angled
brush for application. Check out this page for the right make up tools and let’s get on with how to make up brows and lashes!

  • The eyebrows should begin above the inner corner
    of the eyes. If necessary pluck any hairs between these points. Then,
    those below the arch to emphasize the curve. Do this carefully to avoid making the eyebrows too thin.
  • Toward the outer edge of the brow is often a little fuzzy, so you
    might need to tweeze a few little hairs above the brow too. Careful
    here, because we need to retain the brow line. Don’t over pluck and
    never pull out the white hairs, they can always be coloured.

Lancome Le Crayon Poudre Powder Pencil for Eye Brows

  • Now use the soft eyebrow pencil to fill in the shape with tiny hairlike strokes.
    Then soften with the brow shadow and brush. Tap the brush on the back
    of your hand so it isn’t overloaded. To blend or soften further, a baby
    cotton bud is a good tool.
  • Finish with the eyebrow brush and a tiny spot of gel warmed in your hand, to brush the little hairs and the unruly ones up and into the new shape.

Voila! ‘A’ list eyebrows.

New eyebrows can make us feel a little self
conscious so use color sparingly. After the shortest time, you won’t
feel right without them.
So, now you know how to make up brows lets complete the picture and make
the very best of our eyes and lashes. You can find all the tools and
brushes I recommend at The Online Beauty Spot USA or the Online Beauty Spot UK & EU.

Making the Most of Every Single Lash

Eyelashes, they used to be our pride and joy. We made them up
like Jean Shrimpton or Twiggy depending on our mood. Sadly today they
are fewer, and also stubbornly straight. I still find eye make up to be
the most effective and will probably never stop wearing mascara. Lets
find out how to make up our lashes to put them back in the limelight.

  • An eyelash curler is a must have! Choose one
    with good rubber liners. It takes a little time to get used to using one
    but the eye opening effect it has, even without mascara, will amaze
    Look slightly down into a hand mirror and lay the curlers as close to
    the base of the lashes as possible and slowly and gently squeeze to
    press the curl. Hold for about 30 seconds. How does that look?
  • Some of the best mascaras
    on the market today are inexpensive and promise thickening, lengthening and curling
    magic. Some have a tiny brush specifically for the tiny but ever so
    important inner and lower lashes.We’ll help you choose the best mascara for your needs.
  • Avoid the kind that have lots of thickening filaments as they tend
    to fall onto the skin below the lashes and make a dark shadow. Beware
    the huge difference between brown/black and black. In daylight black can
    look very hard and aging. Choose brownish/black for daytime and save the black for candle light!
  • A good lengthening mascara will have a brush with wide
    apart bristles to grab the lashes at the base and coat each one
    Look up slightly and wiggle the brush into the roots of the
    lashes and brush upwards. Touch on the lower lashes very slightly. For
    evenings you can apply another layer but beware of overdoing it, the
    result could look hard or make you look tired. A soft smudge of powder
    shadow drawn on the lower lash line with a baby bud is more effective.
  • Get more clever eye make up ideas for mature women here. Learn to use colors and techniques to offset droopy or crepey eyelids and draw attention to your eyes in the softest most youthful way.

When you have mastered how to make up brows and lashes you
will be able to achieve stunning effects. You can get tips on lots of
other anti aging beauty problems like thin lips and facial redness treatment on this website. Take a look around and write to me on my contact me page if you have a question. If I don’t have an answer I usually know someone ho does!

Experiment a little until it works for you
you won’t be disappointed!

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