Make up Tools and Tips Exclusively for Mature Women

Make Up Tools and Tips

A few make up tips and the right make up tools equals…
A perfect result! Hands up how many struggle to see well enough to do really great eye make up?
How do your brows and blush look to everyone else?

Put your make up in the best light and change all that!


Tweezerman Tweezermate 12x’s Magnification Mirror

Get yourself a 12x
magnifying mirror with suction pads
to attach to a window. With the natural light from behind the mirror you will easily see every brow hair and eyelash. A prerequisite for fabulous eye make up ideas.
Even more important you can see the condition of your skin and treat
dryness or open pores before they become a menace. No more guesswork!

Once you have used this sort of mirror you won’t be able to live
without it. I have had mine returned from two hotels where I forgot it.
Now it’s the first thing I pack. There are smaller travel models too. If
it’s dark outside just stick it on the mirror in a well lit bathroom. Good make up is easy when you can see what you are doing.

This is a real eye opener!

Straight, short or sparse eyelashes all benefit from a quick
crimp with the eyelash curler. They may look a little frightening but
anyone can use them with a couple of minutes practice.

shu uemura Eyelash Curler

Make up tools like eyelash curlers have
been used by make up artists and models for years but the skill is
simple to learn and the eye opening effect well worth the effort. Even
short, straight, sparse lashes are coaxed upwards instead of straight
ahead. A coat of lengthening mascara and you will be amazed. Lashes look longer and eyes bigger… try it. Here are my tips for choosing the best mascara for your lashes, however short, sparse, straight or stubby!

Brow Beater!

The perfect answer to unruly brows. As we get older every brow hair
is precious. The white ones and even the ones that stick out or point in
the wrong direction. So we carefully pluck those under the eyebrow arch
good tweezers that
grab the hair tightly and pull them in the direction of growth to avoid
damaging the skin. Then with a brush and a spot of gel, brush them
upwards and outwards. Fixed… no more hassle!

Brushes? What for?

Do you still smudge on a bit of powder eyeshadow?

Try using the right make up tools.. there are brushes for powder eyeshadow to contour and blend. Brow brushes for color and taming with gel. Brushes to blush and shape and lip brushes to outline the perfect lip shape and last but not least the concealer and make up brush for the perfect complexion.

WHY? because your finger tips add oil to the make up which cuts the lasting power in half plus placing color shadow or brow color is more precise with the right brush. You can find a
complete guide on how to do this in the 10 step Make up guide.

Japonesque Professional Touch Up Tube Makeup Brush Set

Want younger lips and a lipstick that stays put? Easy.. outline with a lip brush tracing just outside the natural lip line and then fill in using the lip brush. Blot with a tissue and fill in with lipstick again. This method helps lipstick to stay put and not fray into tiny lines around your mouth. Your lips are more defined, the color stays true and lasts all day. Find out how to do this like a make up artist at Younger Lips and just have a go!

Concealer is a must if you have darkness under the eyes and a brush is the only way to place it up to the eyelash line and blend. Brushes are the best make up tools for applying make up for coverage over facial redness or dark spots without the warmth and oil from finger tips spoiling the result.

Good make up techniques definitely deliver the best results. Its easy to learn how to use the right make up tools, the effect is worth the time invested and you will wonder why you put up with a lesser result before.

Just do it for you!

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