Make Up Ideas for Mature Women

Make Up Ideas for Mature Women

Make up ideas and techniques can transform a woman’s face!

The cosmetic industry is coming up with affordable anti aging products that perform “little miracles” on mature faces.

So why are we still unhappy with our make up?

The truth is most of us at 50 or 60 have not changed our make up ideas in years. Would you love to try some new products and achieve a softer younger appearance but don’t know how?

You’re not alone. We all know what it feels like in a
department store to ask a lovely, flawlessly made up 25 year old to show
us what to do to get the
eye make up effect we like so much.

I think I have found the answer!

10 step make up guide

A Make Up Guide in 10 easy steps

The author is Karinda Ristic a professional make up
artist who has worked all over the world for Elle, Marie Claire,
Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Shape. In her eBook Karinda is not promoting any brands or
herself as an artist. Her goal is your successful make up! It’s perfect for older beginners too!

  • Each step begins with clear information on how to choose products, combine colors and most important the tools and application techniques.
  • The beautiful illustrations show how to achieve perfect results with skin priming, eye make up, enhancing lips, blusher and final finishing touches.
  • This step by step guide to learning make up skills will teach you to choose and apply make up to enhance your best features and minimise others.
  • Colour combinations to open eyes, blusher to freshen complexion and concealer tricks to cover imperfections are just a few of the invaluable things you can learn.
  • Each step builds your confidence and you will find it easy to put a
    new and exciting twist on your make up. Classic today, natural tomorrow
    and drop dead gorgeous tonight!
  • For those of you who never quite mastered the
    magic of make up now is the time.

I personally recommend this 10 step make up
guide. We have all seen the stunning effects an anti aging makeover can have on a tired mature face. You can learn to use these new make up ideas and achieve amazing results with just a little practice.

You Can Do It!

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Make Up Advice for Mature Women

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