Is Juicing Healthy?

Is Juicing Healthy?

More and more older women are asking

Is Juicing Healthy?

Can Juicing slow down the aging process?

Every single food on this planet has been criticised at some time or another. Vegetables and fruit are the only exception.

No one can say anything against these simple but still magnificent foods.

They nourish every cell, help prevent disease, flush the system of waste products and supply us with precious vitamins and minerals.

Fact: We speed up the aging process and burden our bodies with processed and junk foods, too much caffeine and alcohol and an inactive lifestyle.

Jason Vale, The Juice Master says “Freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices are the finest and most nutritious fuel on the planet.”

Juicing is a step towards a healthier life and a healthier you!

Juicing Health Benefits

When juicing becomes a regular part of your healthy diet you boost your body’s detox process and lose weight naturally. Fresh fruits and vegetables are high water content foods. Find out Why Water Is Important in all these processes. You can prevent or even reverse diabetes whilst protecting your heart and possibly preventing cancer.
The feeling of energy and rejuvenation make depression a thing of the past!

The health benefits of juicing are endless and it’s easy to get started!

Choosing a juicer to get started need not be expensive. They are simple and fast to operate and easy to clean.We may not be able to slow down the aging process but we can stop speeding it up!

Juice up Your Daily Life

Is juicing healthy? It’s the easiest way to meet your 5 a day target for fruit and vegetables. Packed with vital nutrients, they can energise your body, detox your system and de-stress your mind.

Begin by drinking a freshly extracted juice as a snack or if you want to reduce your calorie intake replace a meal a day with a juice.

Jason vale has written some outstanding books on juicing and weightloss. His Juice Yourself Slim
contains some of the greatest recipes for juicing diets I know. Super Detox Juice, Juice Master’s Turbo Express and Lemon/Ginger Zinger to name just a few!.
Juices can also be used to relieve and in some cases cure common ailments. To lower blood pressure, help in cases of insomnia, diabetes, skin disorders, depression and much more.
The addition of a natural supplement like Wheatgrass powder
or Spirulina powder can greatly enhance the anti aging and general health benefits. Is juicing healthy? Give it a go..

Don’t just survive longer, Live longer!

Juicing Basics

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